Samsung Galaxy S5: Previewing the Unparalleled Visioning of Mobile Phone Technology

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The fifth-gen of Samsung’s uber-elite Galaxy S series was launched in Dubai by the South Korean technology giant on the 2nd April 2014. The Smartphone looks to provide an enriched mobile phone usage to the end consumers with highly pioneering up gradation to the most sought-after Smartphone features.

Samsung Galaxy S5 review
Samsung Galaxy S5


According to the Head of Telecommunications at the Samsung Gulf Electronics, Mr. Hayssam Yassine, “With the Galaxy S5, Samsung has gone back to the drawing board to work on adding real value to our consumers’ lives, while giving them the best-in-class capabilities on the market.”

With the way mobile phone technology is getting revamped with more and more competitors entering the fray, Samsung’s latest Smartphone allows consumers to bask in the glory of a long-running limelight with the following USP:

  • A 16-MP camera with an enhanced UI and menu allowing effortless picture-taking, editing and sharing
  • Speediest autofocus with a speed of up to point three seconds
  • An upgraded High Dynamic Range (HDR) reproducing natural light and colour that highly impacts the intensity of the picture quality
  • Selective Focus allowing focus on specific areas of the object and parallel blurring of the unwanted background
  • Most upgraded LTE experience with the category 4 standard
  •  Offers fastest Wi-Fi performance available presently supported by the fifth-gen Wi-Fi 802.11ac
  • Is equipped with Internet Protocol and is water and dust resistant along with a finger scanner
  • Is equipped with upgraded S Health 3.0 and offers a total personal fitness tracker with pedometer, a built-in heart rate indicator and a monitoring tool for exercising and dietary intake
Samsung Galaxy S5 at a glance
Samsung Galaxy S5 at a glance

‘Gear Fit’, the fitness companion for the fifth-gen Smartphone was also launched by the company along with the Smartphone. ‘Gear Fit’ is the first ‘Super AMOLED wearable contraption’ in the domain of Smartphone. The contraption sends immediate notifications about incoming calls, emails, messages and alarms and even third-party apps while consumers are on the move. The Gear Fit and the Galaxy S5 are total fitness systems that empower consumers to stay physically active without having to sacrifice mobile connectivity or their personal choice of style. By its own as well, the device offers customised and real-time fitness training and provides uniquely personalized work-out inputs.

Incorporating the signature Samsung designing and style with contemporary trends, Galaxy S5 features a perforated pattern on the back cover that adds a cool and glamorous vibe to it.  Charcoal Black, Shimmery White, Electric Blue and Copper Gold are some of the striking colours of the Smartphone from which the consumers can choose the colour that reflects his personality the best. In the UAE, the Smartphone will premier in three variations across the country’s leading stores at the following variations in prices namely; the LTE version of Galaxy S5 32GB costing AED 2,899, the LTE version of Galaxy S5 16GB costing AED 2,699 and the 3G version of Galaxy S5 16GB costing AED 2,599.

The Hidden Loopholes

But all these features and specifications come with an underlying catch. It’s a huge one at that, that has gone on to affect not just the pricing of the phone, but also the cost of its overall building.

According to findings of the IHS, a premier global intelligence solutions consultancy firm, it has emerged that the bill of materials (BOM) for the Samsung S5 – for that matter, the entire range of the company’s Galaxy Smartphones – is quite high, even in comparison to its nearest rival, the iPhone 5S. The finding has come to present the Samsung’s S5 in a very delicate position considering that the phone has been equipped with some great technical features and software technological systems, as elucidated earlier.

The IHS finding also gives a detailed breaking about the high-end BOM that Samsung has incurred on its latest Smartphone marvel which can be pinpointed as under:

  • The Samsung Galaxy S5 32GB model of NAND flash memory carries a BOM of about $251.52
  • Further added with the manufacturing cost of $5, this comes to about $256.2
  • A figure that’s way high as compared to iPhone 5S’s BOM as tabulated by IHS at about $207

But this not the end of the tale of enormity of Samsung S5’s huge BOM. The figure presented in the IHS estimation also raises the pertinent point that no other Smartphone has such huge BOMs. In fact, IHS points out, there are several Smartphones, albeit in the lower price range as compared to S5, with BOMs less than $35.

Closing off on this utmost integral cost-to-service comparison tabulation, Mr. Andrew Rassweiler, senior director at IHS’ Cost Benchmarking Division, concludes, “The high cost of the S5 is becoming more typical of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy line. In the last year, IHS has torn down four Galaxy devices with BOMs ranging from $237.00 to $280.00.

 “The S5 exemplifies a conservative evolutionary design approach. There are no revolutions or giant steps forward in this design. There’s a lot of similarity and commonality between the S5 and other recent Samsung Smartphones IHS has torn down, such as the Galaxy Round and the Note III. However, there are many small changes throughout the design.”

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