Samsung to ‘Milk’ Music with New Free and Ad-Free Radio

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Samsung has introduced Milk Music a new, free and ad-free radio service.

samsung milk radio service
A screen grab from Samsung Mobile website, announcing the new free and Ad-free music radio service

According to Samsung, Milk Music is the the Next Big Thing in Music

Free Radio Service with 200 Ad-free Stations Offers Fully Customizable Experience to Your Taste

The new radio service offers an effortless and entertaining way to enjoy the music and discover new, unexpected music. Fully customizable, Milk Music is designed with an elegant, easy-to-use interface and more than 200 stations that makes tuning into your favorite music a more enjoyable and enriching experience. 

“Milk Music introduces a fresh approach to music that reflects our innovation leadership and our focus on creating best-in-class consumer experiences,” said Gregory Lee, president and CEO of Samsung Telecommunications America and Samsung Electronics North America Headquarters. “We’re offering consumers amazing, rich music experiences built around what matters most to them and their lifestyle.”

Joan E. Solsman at CNET says that Samsung is entering a competitive field with Milk Music. She says although streaming music is lucrative, it will be a tough battle for Samsung since this space has already has got established players with global reach like Spotify, Pandora and Beats Music – all of which works on most devices.

Josh Lowensohn at The Verge seems to agree with that and goes on to say that it might be a tough sell for Samsung just relying on a novel dial and its music curation feature.

Major highlights on the new music radio service:

-Milk is currently limited to the US, and is only available on a newer selection of Samsung’s Galaxy devices.

-Samsung has partnered with Slacker Radio to bring in 13 million tracks in Samsung’s streaming library. A curated “spotlight” genre is available on the dial at all times.

-The market potential for Samsung Milk is 200 million people who have bought Galaxy phones and Galaxy Note devices worldwide.

-Samsung Milk currently doesn’t have an option for someone to buy a music they like – unlike its Music Hub Store, where users could listen to music on demand for a monthy fee. However, the company said that’s on the roadmap. According to Samsung, Milk and the Hub store are two disparate services aimed at completely different types of users.

The free music radio service is ad-free for now, but the company plans to introduce ads at some point in the future.

Samsung Milk Music salient features from the press release:

Instant and Effortless Listening:

Milk Music’s distinctive dial design provides a more intuitive and natural way to listen to music that is more organic and fun. With no log-in required and no need to think of a specific artist, song name or browsing through a list of choices, you can just starting listening to music instantly. From Pop to Jazz and everything in between, the dial displays up to nine genre-based stations featuring a wide variety of music listening choices, with a simple and quick turn of the dial.

More of the Music You Love:

With a growing music catalog of 200 genre-based and curated stations, and 13M songs, Milk Music connects people with the best music, whether it’s a standby song or a new discovery, with significantly fewer repeats. In addition, the “Spotlight” feature offers a continuous curated selection of songs and albums handpicked by music tastemakers and influencers. “My Stations” allows you to create personal stations based on your favorite songs and albums, easily accessible on the dial, providing limitless listening options. Milk Music also allows you six song skips per hour per station.

Your Music Your Way:

Samsung is delivering an incredibly personalized experience by offering users many ways to fine-tune Milk Music to suit their individual listening preferences. The dial is customizable to showcase only the genres that are most relevant to your personal tastes and preferences. Offering more personalization options, the “Fine-Tune Station” feature allows you to adjust the genre-based station based on popularity, novelty and song favorites to further optimize recommendations for the best personalized listening experience.

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