Samsung’s new generation of TVs – A guide to UHD

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Samsung’s latest Ultra High Definition (UHD) TV offers great image quality. Read this guide to find out why UHD shines when it comes to picture quality.

Samsung's latest Ultra High Definition (UHD) TV offers great image quality. Read this guide to find out why UHD shines when it comes to picture quality
Samsung’s latest Ultra High Definition (UHD) TV offers great image quality. Read this guide to find out why UHD shines when it comes to picture quality. Photo-supplied

If you haven’t yet discovered the world of Samsung’s Ultra High Definition (UHD) TVs, otherwise referred to as 4KTV, we’ve compiled the following guide that will help even the biggest of technophobes understand the revolution in television watching that this new class of product brings.

Soon, UHD will be the golden TV standard in homes across the world and demand across the region is already suggestive of the popularity Samsung is likely to witness in this product category. Available in 55, 65 and now 85-inch models, read on to understand why Samsung’s UHD TV offers the best and most mesmerizing image quality on the market.

Ultra High Definition (UHD) or 4KTV

Samsung’s UHD TV has truly catapulted the home viewing experience leaps and bounds in terms of picture quality, offering an image one step closer to reality. With four times the resolution of the older HD generation of TVs, it is often also referred to as 4KTV, at a resolution of 3840 × 2160. So what does this all actually mean? Well a higher resolution means more pixels, which essentially means a super vivid image. The tiniest of details on your screen will appear crystal clear, reflecting real life with greater precision. With 40% of cinemas in the US using 4K digital projectors, the trend is likely to continue; showing that UHD or 4K is here to stay. Purchase one and you essentially have cinema quality viewing in the comfort of your home.

Samsung’s Precision Black Pro & Micro Dimming Ultimate features

Staying on the subject of picture quality, Samsung’s Precision Black Local Dimming and Micro Dimming features ensure a high level contrast ratio in your UHD TV. By way of LEDs mounted to the back of your screen and intelligent adjustment of your TVs image, your UHD TV provides the widest colour spectrum possible. Blacks will appear deeper and fuller on your screen, while whites will appear brighter, making for unparalleled image depth which mimics reality as closely as possible. Samsung’s technology also prevents something known as the ‘halo’ effect, meaning a vibrant image without any distortion.

4K Standard Future Proof TV

If you’ve ever refrained from purchasing a product for fear of it being outdated in a matter of months, fear not, as your Samsung UHD TV is future proof. An industry first, a Smart Evolution Kit available for your TV will mean that as soon as updates are available with new features, a simple upgrade will allow you access to them. Never be out dated again when it comes to your home viewing experience with this everlasting feature!


While native 4K content is the norm that the industry is working towards, we still have some way to go before more of it is readily available – but never fear; Samsung’s UHD TV contains an upscaling engine, meaning that all your HD or full HD content will be converted to UHD quality. This state of the art technology allows you to reap the maximum benefit from your TV, allowing you to enjoy all your favourite movies in striking clarity.

We’ve compiled this list of old classics we’d recommend watching on your brand new UHD TV that will ensure that your new Samsung purchase will be your most cherished of 2014!

1)     Wall-E

2)     House of the Flying Daggers

3)     Transformers

4)     Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire

5)     The Incredible Hulk

6)     Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

7)     Pan’s Labyrinth

8)     300

9)     Planet Earth

10)  Ratatouille Walt Disney

11)  Iron man 

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