Saudi airline has foreign pilots?

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The Saudi Arabian Airlines, the kingdom?s national carrier has denied recent reports of recruiting three Bangladeshi pilots.

If the reports are to be believed, the airlines have recruited pilots from Bangladesh and they were given English training in Dubai. The report also has some harsh criticisms against the national carrier. The airline, has recently been in news, with local newspapers highlighting the constant delay in the flight take-offs and its plan to increase the ticket prices; which were denied by the airlines.

Abdullah Al Ajhar, the airline?s assistant director general of public relations, told the state run Saudi News Agency (SPA) that the airline has not recruited any foreign pilots in the last five years. He also added that 90 percent of their pilots were Saudis. He also added that the carrier is keen to provide Saudi cadres with the best training at the local and overseas levels.

?We announced local scholarship programme for assistant Saudi pilots after a scholarship programme to the US in aviation sciences to obtain commercial aviation certificates had already been announces?, added an official representing the airline.


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