Saudi Arabia actively promoting e-health services

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Saudi Arabia actively promoting e-health services
Saudi Arabia actively promoting e-health services. Photo-Neospire

A newly established data center at the Saudi Ministry of Health will promote better health services in the Kingdom by linking 22 regional health directorates, 166 hospitals and more than 40 hospital management centers across the Arab world.

The data center will help in provision of better medical services through improved communication among government agencies and health centers. On the occasion of Center’s inauguration, the Saudi Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabeeah said that, “the Ministry of Health has taken a major step in the development of information technology, facilitating the concept of e-government in dealing with other governmental bodies throughout the Kingdom”.

The center has been equipped with state-of-the art equipment and employs highly skilled Information and Communications Technology (ICT) professionals. With the creation of this center, the government has taken another giant stride towards the implementation of its e-government programs and promotion of a digital environment for delivery of efficient public services. The facility will allow the government’s Information and Communication Technology Department to unify health-related electronic transactions.

In recent years, the Saudi government has actively pursued the e-Health National Project. Under this vision, it will undertake around 100 large-scale technical projects to provide high quality health care services in the Kingdom. To ensure successful execution of these projects, the government has employed highly dedicated and talented professionals. The project will allow the government to monitor and support the patient’s health according to the e-health system’s stringent criteria.

The e-Health National Strategy strives to improve healthcare services by providing better patient care, establishing effective connectivity between all hospitals, linking them to a national database, facilitating patient referrals and promoting Performance Measurement Program. The health strategy is expected to lead the way for integrated healthcare services across the Gulf through the introduction of information technology.

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