Saudi consultative body rejects ‘expats tax’ proposal

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saudi consultative council
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Saudi Shura Council members have rejected a proposal to tax expatriates on any financial gains made in the kingdom, terming it detrimental to country’s economic interests.

The proposal suggested expatriates, both in the public and private sectors, should be made to pay taxes that would boost country’s coffers as a result. However, several members of the consultative council said the changes would be inappropriate due to the on-going development activities in the Kingdom.

“The Council heard views from those who supported the proposal and those who opposed it,” sources quoted Council Secretary General, Mohammad Bin Abdullah al-Ghamdi, as saying.

Some members of the Council that urged for the imposition of new tax proposals insisted the move would bridge the salary gap between Saudis and expatriates, and boost employment of Saudi nationals in various sectors of the economy.

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