Saudi seeking to increase desalination capacity by 2015

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saudi desalination plant
The Marafiq Independent Water & Power Project supplies Jubail and Yanbu, Saudi Arabia. The Jubail desalination complex, located along the Persian Gulf, supplies 90 percent of the drinking water for the Saudi capital of Riyadh. Photo -

Water desalination capacity in Saudi Arabia will hit 200,000 cubic metres by 2015 as the Gulf kingdom grapples to meet soaring demand, an expert said in Riyadh.

“Saudi has emerged as the world’s largest desalination market and is seen a priority area for global water and wastewater technology developers and service providers,” said Khaled Daou, the project manager of Saudi Energy at Riyadh Exhibitions Company, organisers of “Saudi Water Tech 2012 – The 10th international exhibition for water technology, desalination plants and accessories”.

The event is being held as part of the 15th Saudi Energy fair, the latest edition of one of the largest and most specialised energy exhibitions in the region, from 7 to 10 May at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The exhibition is set to unveil the latest and best solutions from leading international brands to support the Riyadh’s efforts to produce and conserve water for residential and industrial purposes, said Daou.

According to the leading expert, Saudi Water Tech 2012 will provide an ideal platform for decision makers, developers, project practitioners and experts to come together and help shape the Kingdom’s water agenda.

“Saudi’s average water consumption per capita is at around 250 litres a day, making it one of the world’s heaviest water users – next only to the US and Canada in per capita terms,” revealed Daou, citing the Saudi Ministry of Water and Electricity reports.

The government is financing more major water projects as state-owned National Water Company already announced it will be funding water and wastewater developments worth $66 billion through 2020.

The expo profile will cover projects related to irrigation, water reclamation, storage reservoirs, purification, desalination plants, water management and distribution networks, testing equipment,  treatment chemicals, temperature controls, pumps and filters, water meters, drainage systems, pipes and fittings, effluent water treatment, garden hoses and accessories, swimming pools, and pool filters and lining.

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