Saudi Top Financial Donor in Gulf

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The oil rich Gulf nation, Saudi Arabia, topped the list of financial donors in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, representing 55.6 percent of the total donations, the International Center of Research and Studies (MEDAD) report titled ?Charitable Works in the Gulf Countries? said.

The report said the government sector in GCC provide 90 percent of the donations.

??This report aims to increase the charitable works as wells as developing the charitable societies in GCC,?” said Dr. Khaled Al-Suraihi, general director of ICRS.

He added that this report will guide the supervisors of charitable societies to intensify their works especially during the holy month of Ramdan.

The financial donations increased by 539.4 percent in 2011, while the charitable activities at 46.5 percent, was on top of the list among other activities.

??The monthly average of the charitable activities in GCC was 101,?” Al-Suraihi said.

The report focused on the scientific, cultural and medical conferences and symposium of charitable societies as well as the most recent media means of charitable works in the GCC.

Dr. Al-Suraihi further said the report will help the researchers to create the strategic plan of developing the social and charitable societies and providing good information for those involved in the activities of charitable societies.

The Jeddah-based MEDAD is the first center concerning about the charitable works in GCC. It is founded by scientists, academics and some officials.

Sources: saudigazette

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