Saudis watch more TV during Ramadan

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More than 30% of people in Saudi Arabia watch 3 to 5 hours of TV every day during Ramadan compared to an average of 2.7 hours throughout the rest of the year
85% prefer to watch their favourite programmes in high definition (HD)
89% of Saudi viewers get “very annoyed” when their viewing is interrupted by commercials

Hareem al Sultan
70% of those polled said they look forward keenly to watch Season 3 of Hareem Al Sultan

The survey was conducted by conducted by OSN, a leading pay-TV network in the Middle East and North Africa on Ramadan TV viewing habits of Saudis. 33% of respondents said they watch television for 3 to 5 hours daily compared to 18% who watch 5 to 7 hours and 35% who watch 1 to 3 hours.

Series are the most popular genre of television during the Holy Month, with over 50% of viewers choosing to watch Egyptian, Syrian, Khaleeji or Turkish dramas while nearly 65% stressed the importance of watching the latest series first, before anyone else. The vast majority (85%) also said watching their favourite programmes in high definition was essential.

Hamad Malik, Chief Marketing Officer, OSN, said:

“While it is common knowledge that television consumption increases during Ramadan and series are preferred, our survey highlights the increasing demand to watch original content before anyone else and in high definition. This is a strong vote of confidence for OSN and is in line with our strategy to provide the latest movies and series in true HD first and exclusively on our channels.”

Nearly half of those polled in Saudi Arabia stressed on how imperative it was to be able to watch television at their convenience and in being able to create their own personalised TV experience.

“With busy schedules especially during Ramadan, viewers need more control over their TV viewing experience so they can watch what they want, when they want. We understand this, which is why OSN is putting a lot of emphasis on the viewer controlling their entertainment through OSN’s innovative technology and our value added services such as ‘On Demand’ and ‘Ramadan Catch Up’ viewing,” added Malik.

Underlining the market appeal of OSN Play – the region’s first online TV platform – around 40% of respondents said they prefer to watch TV on-the-go anytime, anywhere. One in ten respondents said it was very important to have the option to watch their favourite programmes online or on smartphones.

On specific and preferred series, over 70% of those polled said they look forward keenly to watch Season 3 of Hareem Al Sultan, which is now showing exclusively on OSN Ya Hala!HD at 21:00 KSA. Despite 62% stating that they have not watched the first two seasons of the popular series, 41% said they would make sure to tune in for the third season.

Further demonstrating the strength of pay-TV networks in offering seamless entertainment, with fewer advertisement breaks, 89% of Saudi viewers said they get “very annoyed” when their viewing is interrupted by commercials.

OSN conducted the survey over June and July 2013, interviewing nearly 1,000 TV viewers across the region, with 29% in the age-group of 35 to 39, and 86% of the respondents in the Kingdom being Saudi nationals.


Photo courtesy: OSN

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