New season promises to bring glitter, glamour to Dubai

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elizabeth taylor jewellery collection
A woman looks at Elizabeth Taylor's $120,000 necklace and $25,000-35,000 earrings from the set of diamond and gold "Barquerolles" jewellery by Van Cleef & Arpels, a gift from Richard Burton, displayed at a public exhibition in GUM on Moscow's Red Square, on September 14, 2011, shortly after the exhibition opening. Christie's have revealed the main lots of the Oscar-winning actress jewels to be auctioned in New York this December. Select highlights from the 269-piece collection will tour Dubai in the next few weeks. Photo - Natalia Kolesnikova/AFP/Getty Images

Dubai is called ?the City of Gold?. A visit to the Gold Souk will keep you amazed at the number of shops lined up selling the age old investment and the temptation to get one for yourself never ends. We are fascinated by the yellow metal and it is simply irresistible not to buy any form of ?bling.? And why not?

UAE is the largest importer of gold with an exceptionally wide range of designs from India and vintage collections from Europe and Italy. If you are a jewellery lover and you go gaga over vintage collections, you know exactly where you need to invest.

What if I say you can buy yourself a unique collection of design with no VAT that makes your prices up to 40 per cent cheap than that in the West? The price is based on the type of gold (24K, 22K etc.) and how much it weighs. Is it convincing? Yes, you got it right. This is one of the main reasons why Dubai is one of the best markets for buying gold.


There is more to Dubai gold than just glitter. It strives to make a home for International Jewellery, through the Jewellery Exhibition. Dubai International Jewelry Week 2011, the most prestigious consumer and industry event of its kind in the Middle East, will run from 10th – 13th November 2011. This year’s event will feature over 300 exhibitors from 30 countries.

Now in its sixteenth edition, Dubai International Jewellery Week will attract tens of thousands of visitors with an unrivalled showcase of one-off jewellery pieces and luxury collections, unique watches and stylish designs at exclusive show prices.

However for a city steeped in gold, the new trend in ornamental jewellery has nothing to with gold.


Dubai is known to break and make records, either has the tallest building in the world or the biggest underground metro station in the world. Whatever it maybe, Dubai is unique on its own. In line with innovation and creativity comes the ?Dubai Necklace.?

?The Dubai Necklace?. On hearing this, the image which usually pops up is the lines of gold shops at the Gold Souq, but this is further from the truth.

For a country which seems to be immersed in gold the new trend is as far away from gold as possible. It is a series of necklaces made out of hammered metal, designed in assorted organic shapes with adjustable chain. A creation by the world renowned designed Kate Benjamin.

We are not strangers to celebrity endorsements or celebrity styles. There is the Jennifer Anniston haircut, the Princess Diana Chocker, Bali Coffee and so on. In this line of endorsements we have also seen products being named after a country to distinguish its quality, like Ceylon Tea or Ghana Cocoa. A new trend is emerging in the UAE on the same basis. The names of the cities of the UAE are used as endorsements.

The designer, Kate Benjamin wanted to make her collection unique and did not prefer endorsing celebrities. Thus the new Dubai Necklace was born.


It started with the Abu Dhabi Sandal. The popular trendy shoe store OFFICE named a range of their gladiator style sandals for the new spring/summer collection after the capital of the UAE.

The cut out of geometrical shapes on leather is the new fashion statement with elegance and style of the Abu Dhabi sandal.

The sandals have created quite a stir and OFFICE has reported running low stock due to high demand. Celebrities such as Fearne Cotton, a popular British TV presenter has been spotted with her ?Abu Dhabis? and now everyone wants a pair as can be read on many shoeholic blogs:

?The collection is definitely unique and is really amongst my list of ?must buys?, says one blogger in Dubai.”We follow the policy of guaranteed low prices on all products, international certification for diamond Jewellery products, buy back guarantee, free life time repair and the strong brand equity and the international designs that go as new trend setters as costume jewellery?, said the gold merchants.

Dubai has been one of the best places to stop over to acquire a unique jewllery collection.

One of the jewellery making expert says: ?We are waiting for the upcoming exhibitions of International jewellery in Dubai where 69 out of 269 pieces will be brought to UAE for the first time and also will be auctioned.

Christie Middle East, a jewellery house says they are showcasing the most outstanding and significant vintage and antique collection to their clients in the region and are thrilled to be entrusted with sale of Elizabeth Taylor’s collection.

The season is promising to bring a lot of exciting offers for all the jewellery lovers ranging from the costume jewellery by Kate Benjamin to Abu Dhabi sandals to magnificent collection of jewels. The best time to visit Dubai has arrived so get yourself ready to be pampered by the best in the market. Keep it stylish!

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