Six Reasons to Buy BenQ GV1 Ultraportable Battery Projector

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BenQ GV1 ultraportable projector is wireless, portable, palm-sized, lightweight with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support. Here are some of the features and some practical uses of a portable personal projector.

Easy Setup

A convenient tilting hinge lets GV1’s high-mounted lens produce 100” images anywhere, and it’s auto keystone feature keeps the picture perfectly squared.

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Portable & Compact

GV1 weighs only 708g (1.6 lbs) and is about the size of a coffee cup or water bottle, letting you enjoy big-screen mobile entertainment anywhere.

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Cable Free

Wire-free connectivity with dual-band 2.4G/5G Wi-Fi and direct hotspot simply work without wires for your mobile wireless projection.

USB-CTM Port GV1’s do-it-all USB-CTM port can stream media and charge your mobile device or even play media files from a flash drive.

Bluetooth Speaker Mode

Robust 5-watt chambered audio turns GV1 into a portable Bluetooth speaker.

Smart TV App

Enjoy the movies, music, gaming or any streaming content directly from the smart GV1.

Practical uses of a portable battery projector

Portable projectors are getting better and better and finding uses beyond the traditional projectors found in the board room. Portable projectors provide a great convenience for bedtime storytelling, sharing enjoyable moments your with loved ones, dancing on the street, watch a movie or serial, during exercising and party time.

Where to buy BenQ GV1

BenQ GV1 projector is available in the UAE to buy online and at sevreral retail outlets:

If you would like to know more about the technical specifications and other details, here’s the product page:

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