Slap a beard on me and call me Muslim

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Young Jeeka, Farewell

Even better, slap me…. And call yourself a GOOD Muslim!

Or in this case, beat the living daylights and burn the hair off of an anti-government-decision activist in a public gathering just because you claim to have an upper hand on Islam, and call yourself more Muslim!

This is the actual incident that took place a couple of days ago in Cairo when an activist was attacked by six women wearing Niqab while standing in a public protest in front of the Supreme Court.

The lady attacked still didn’t give us all the details, but suffice to say, this brutal offense happened to her because she wasn’t wearing a head cover, in other words the trending uniform in Cairo these days, and thus deserving this punishment.

I should end my article now.

What more can be said anyway!?

But here’s the truth of the truth, the root of the root, the bud of the bud…

Conformity is a Cancer feasting on our imperfections.

We’re all supposed to look the same, dress the same, think the same and ultimately BE the same.
But here’s the twist… GOD did NOT create us to be the same!

Some 90 years ago, a visionary called Hassan Al Banna, who was by no means a simple school-teacher, started what is now known as the Muslim Brotherhood.

The idea behind the brotherhood started with an innocent, or some might even say naïve, notion of spreading the message (i.e. Islam’s message) throughout Egypt.

Needless to say, not only did it spread, but it metastasized.

Recently, the newly elected President of Egypt, Dr. Muhammad Morsy, who is a senior member of the Muslim brotherhood, issued a draft of a constitutional amendment giving him the power to do “all that is required to protect the revolution”.  In other words, he gave himself the ultimate right to do whatever “he” sees “fit” to protect the “Revolution”.

To put it in a more simplified manner,

Name: Mohammad Morsy

Occupation: Husny Mubarak (former president of Egypt)

As a result, the ever so awake people of Egypt rose in uproar. And the scene on the streets of Cairo now is very similar to the one we saw when the former president was taken down. Although a slight, yet grand, difference occurs, it’s not the People vs. the Regime, it’s the People vs. the People vs. The Regime.

This is where the incident I opened my article with will start to make sense.

Throughout the history of the Brotherhood, the role they played was the “underdog”; for-the-people and by-the-people kind of situation. And thus, to many of the oppressed and under-privileged people of Egypt, they were the Muslim Martyrs, the suppressed and in many cases oppressed party. They were the beam of light at the end of the dark-forty-year-old-tunnel of the past regime. So when the chance came, the people elected the “underdog”, with the hopes of a better future. And we shall stay tuned.

But here’s the truth of the truth, the root of the root and the bud of the bud.

Three young men have already been killed and many have been wounded.

The people have awakened and are not to sleep again.

Egypt, with its Mother, Daughters, Fathers, Sons, Brothers, Sisters, Students, Teachers, Intellectuals, Artists, Craftsmen, Farmers and Legal system are protesting.

They’re rallying against conformity, the soulless bearded face of what they call the RIGHT way, the suppression of their rights, the ideology of “You’re either with us or with the terrorists”, the concept of being led on as Sheep by an incompetent shepherd.

These so-called by the President himself, “the few” he will be protecting the revolution from, are the people of Egypt. The people we saw today in the funeral of the young Jaber Salah “Jeeka” are the people of Egypt. Many of the protesting members of the Muslim Brothers are also the people of Egypt. The workers and viewers of the shut-down TV channel Dream are the people of Egypt.

They are the soul of change. They are the soul of the “revolution”. They are the “SOUL”

We are all Muslim at heart, no matter what our religion is.

We want peace; we seek peace and rally for peace.

We don’t need anyone to tell us, much less force us to BE what we are not meant to be!

How’s this for a question!

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