Smarter Phones with SleepWell

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Smart phones have become a necessity in our lives. Its demand seems to be increasing day by day thanks to its smart computing and connectivity feature. But ever since the evolution of this multipurpose device users and manufacturers face the problem of limited battery life.

A graduate student has come up with a solution to this miserable drawback of the smart acting smart phones.

It is the invention by a Duke University researcher, Justin Manweiler, a computer science graduate student at Duke?s Pratt School of Engineering.


Energy utility is more for processes such as searching for Wi-Fi signals and staying connected in the busy network. Since a lot of devices make use of a Wi-Fi source at the same time, it is seen that the devices has to wait for a long period for its turn for data transfer to come.

During such long idle waiting time the energy utility of the battery is same as when it is in use. So a new power-saving mode known as SleepWell is introduced to mobile device which reduces the energy consumption while it is waiting for its turn to connect.
SleepWell is installed on WiFi network devices such as WiFi routers and access points. It is designed such that all mobile devices working under different platforms like Apple OS X, Google Android, Windows etc can make use of it.

Traffic controls

Manweiler compared the competition for Wi-Fi to big-city traffic. When all the workers leave their office at the same time it could create a busy traffic at roads and rail lines, but if they were smart enough to stagger the time they left their office then the crowd on road and rail lines could be reduced there by forming a smooth flow of traffic.

Similarly, if mobile devices took their turn accessing WiFi access points, data would move faster and these devices would use less energy. . SleepWell enables is more like power-napping, short sleep periods many times a second.

Solar energy

Another solution for this problem is the usage of solar battery. The battery can be charged outdoor. It is true that sunlight is required in order to charge the phone, but most solar mobile phone chargers come with a storage device so that you can charge your cell phone even if there is no sunlight. Researchers are going on in this field to find a smarter remedy for the short battery life of world?s best phones.

It was discovered in testings that the battery life was in some cases doubled. Well just like any object, taking frequent rests would definitely improve life.

Source: Wall Street Journal,Google News.

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