Smartphone Vs Tablet

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Get Smart! But how? Does one go the tablet way, or the smartphone way? ?Smartphone and Tablet are the most popular mobile devices. Mobility is the buzzword these days and this is precisely why electronic gadgets are becoming smaller and lighter. Technology has been moving ahead at a fast pace, so much so that mobile devices with internet connectivity are crossing the boundary lines and performing similar, overlapping functions. This is especially true in the case of smartphone and tablet. Both are portable and have internet connectivity. But each has its own distinct features and cannot take place of the other.

Lets put the two together head to head and take a look :

1. Portability :

This one is a bit of no brainer. Smartphones are smaller, more compact and feel a whole lot more durable. Because you can whip your relatively smaller iPhone and not feel like a pretentious git for carrying it around, smart phones have an upper hand here. Yes, sure Samsung?s Galaxy tablet is a lot smaller than the iPad, but you can’t deny the size of tablets make them a lot more difficult to slip casually into your pocket when you want to put it away.

2. Interface :

This is a tough one to argue, seeing as smartphone interfaces are far more varied than the tablets. Though the Blackberry’s clunky buttons may seem cumbersome compared to the intuitive nature of the touch screen iPhone, there is no denying that smartphones are infinitely smaller than tablets.

Though the size of the tablet downgraded it when it comes to portability, it is the precise reason it is much easier to use. Unlike the miniscule smartphones, working on your presentation for work or browsing through the internet is just so much easier to do with a bigger screen. It also means it is an excellent medium to watch visual media on and play games too.

3. Price :

Smart phones are expensive, but not Tablet-expensive. And what with HP releasing its $99 smartphone this month, things can only get better from here.

However, if you have an arm and a limb to spare, then the tablet is for you.

All in all, it looks like the smartphone would be a more economical and smarter option for the not-so-rich gadget geeks!


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