Smartphones voted the best travel companion

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The desire to stay digitally connected has grown to a virtual addiction to modern technology. Smartphones are especially popular with travelers.

Connected devices
Travel and connected devices are more popular than ever. Image courtesy:

Though they might only be a decade old, desktop computers now seem objets d’art from a different era, as their limited mobility no longer caters to the needs of people who live the on-the-go lifestyle constantly.

Referencing this context, the VISA Global Travel Intentions Study 2013, reveals that leisure travelers find their smartphones are their most important travel partners as they jet around the globe.

The study says that for global travelers, phones are the top choice as a holiday companion, followed by computers, cameras, and other entertainment devices.

Online check-in is a very popular component among travelers who bring a smartphone along. And, after the trip itself, 71 percent of travelers share their holiday experiences online after returning home.

The weight of the gadget (39%) and internet capability (34%) are important factors when deciding which gadgets to bring on holiday. First-time travelers paid more attention to traveling light, as they chose the weight of their gadget as the most important factor (50%) to consider when selecting their electronic travel items, according to the VISA Global Travel Intentions Study.

Online sources such as travel review, service provider and official tourism websites are used by 42 percent of AMEA travelers for trip planning, 37 percent for independent travel bookings and 33 percent to provide additional information while traveling. Travelers from Asia Pacific continue to be the most tech-savvy, with the higher usages of 80 percent, 76 percent and 73 percent respectively.

While traditional, word of mouth reviews from friends, relatives, and guidebooks are still used (especially among travelers from Africa & the Middle East) online resources that offer reviews from frequent travelers, as well as a host of other information such as currency converters, pictures, booking, and discount facilities, are becoming the first source of information for most global travelers.

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