So you are thinking of buying a BlackBerry?

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Living in the UAE, chances are a good chunk of your social circle owns a Smartphone. While the iPhone seems to be the most popular Smartphone in the majority of the world, BlackBerrys have the upper hand in the UAE market. If you are reading this, chances are you have gotten past the Apple vs BlackBerry debate and have decided which fruit, erm phone, is better. With the iPhone each model is an improvement of the last so it is not difficult to select one. However, selecting a Blackberry requires a little more research.

BlackBerry has 10 models presently available in the Middle East. The latest model, the Torch, offers a sliding keyboard and a pinch and zoon touch-screen, giving users the best of both worlds. The Storm 2 and Storm 9500 are both touch-screen phones without built-in keyboards. The Storm 2 looks very similar to its predecessor but offers a better memory and a more responsive touch screen. If a touch-screen phone isn?t your thing, perhaps the Bold or Curve may suit you better.

For the Bold, choose from 9780, 9700 and 9000. It is safe to say the 9000 is inferior to the other Bolds as it is bulkier and has a lower battery life, a worse camera and lacks other features altogether. While there aren?t too many differences between the 9780 and 9700, the 9780 may choose to be a better choice if you plan to rely on your camera. For the Curve you can choose from the 3G, 8900 and 8520. As the name 3G suggests, this is the only Curve that actually offers 3G service. The 8900 is the thinnest Blackberry phone with a full keyboard. However, it has a noisy trackball, unlike the 8520, which offers a quiet trackpad. The Bold models in general offer better cameras and more memory than the Curves. On the flipside, Curves offer slightly raised keyboards and dedicated media keys.

Unfortunately most BlackBerrys tend to be bulky and leave a huge bulge in your pocket, perhaps to replace the wad of cash you spent on buying it. The BlackBerry Pearl 3G is the least bulky BlackBerry available in the UAE. Of course in order to make this phone less bulky, the full qwerty keyboard was sacrificed. While this isn?t a problem if you don?t care much about messaging, you might want to question why you are even considering buying a BlackBerry if that is the case.

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