Social Experiment: Would you steal in Dubai?

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Apart from the glitz and glamour of Dubai, one of the top reasons why people love living in Dubai is because of the safety and security the Megapolis provides.

The United Arab Emirates, and in particular Dubai and Abu Dhabi, has installed security cameras virtually in every nook and corner of the city, thus ensuring security – or, at least providing a deterrent to criminals. In fact, some of the high-profile criminal cases have been solved just because of the availability of the videos from the security cameras installed.

But, is it really because of the security cameras people in Dubai are honest?

UK-based comedian and film maker Daniel Jarvis from TrollStation set out to find how honest the residents of Dubai really are.

The channel took 45 different takes – by Daniel dropping his wallet, as if by mistake, while walking on the streets of Dubai – and every time the wallet was returned.

Over to you! what do you think will happen if you see someone drop their wallet on the street in your city? Let us know in the comments!

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