Social Media Demography: Understanding Popular Lifestyle Trends

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Social Media is an important tool today. But going by the trends, it’s women who seem to wield it more efficiently than men.

Who invented social media? Who knows, but suffice to say that we can’t easily interpret the invention – or pioneering – as one with a woman firmly behind the creator’s success. And this isn’t to pander to the creator’s – or his woman’s – ego, but an honest opinion on a credible and proven assessment, especially since International Women’s Day is upon us.

On International Women’s Day, as every woman carries about her business in a very nonchalant manner – fact is, women can multitask very well as they can be nonchalant about quite a few things going about in their lives – it is only justified to mention about some latest findings that have emerged regarding presence of women in social media websites and their utilization of the same.

It has come about through varied reputed – and highly so – sources that women drive the majority of the social media market. And quite innovatively too, at that employing assistance of various technological gadgetries like smart phones and tablets to access the wide array of available social media sites. Here’s taking a few highlights of the detailed infographic study:

  • 33% of women use Pinterest as compared to only eight percent of men of the totality of 21% of social media users across the globe
  • Of the 71% of worldwide users who used Facebook, nearly 76% users were women as compared to only 66% of men
  • In Twitter however, the margin of users isn’t at all wide with only a gap of one percent between female (18%) and male (17%) users of the totality of 18% social media users across the globe
  • Instagram users constitute about 17% of the totality of internet users across the world and women users of Instagram constitute about 20% as compared to 15% of male users
  • In entirety, 73% of the users across the world utilise social media websites with 42% of the users accessing multiple social media pages

The only social media website where men users are more in number as compared to women users is LinkedIn which enjoys a total social media market share of around 22%. Male LinkedIn users are about 24% in comparison to 19% women who use the website.

Infographic: Why Women Are The Real Power Behind The Huge Success Of Pinterest and Tumblr

Alex Hillsberg and David Adelman at FinancesOnline has come out with an excellent Infographic reviewing the most popular social media sites.

women power social media infographic
Why Women Are The Real Power Behind The Huge Success Of Pinterest and Tumblr

Women aren’t then spoiled for choices. But is it good? Or is it bad, driving a wedge between the already widened graph between men and women as far as distribution of their personal choices are concerned.

The answer’s open to interpretations and here’s why;

  • From the perspective of a marketer or a seller or a promoter, the enhanced concentration of women users in social media websites, it means that they’ll have a clearer idea about the target audience
  • Better idea about the target audience means they can channelize their products and/or services with more focus and expect better concentration of results as well
  • Feedback will also be prompt leading to more market penetration, or in case of problems, more emphasised evaluation of problematic aspects
  • For men, it would mean that the level of priorities from the marketer or seller’s side towards them would be limited which would in turn impact the potential market niche of the marketer or seller as far as the male clientele are concerned

Thus this result needs to be considered and taken into account with a pinch of salt. Women can very well rejoice as this enumerates one more trend about their empowerment and presence in society. But for men, it means that they’ll have to improve their presence in the various assorted social media websites just so that they don’t lose out on core opportunities that could possibly come their way.

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