Social Media in the MENA region [Infographic]

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social media. Photo-Gavin Llewllyne
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Social Media usage in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is growing at a fast pace. Majority of the Arab Internet users are less than 40 years old, and almost all of them are on at least one or more social media networks — for several hours a day. 

From finding a missing child to starting a revolution, Middle East users have put Social Media to good use. And, it’s not just the ordinary people who have realized the tremendous potential of Social Media. Several Governments in the Middle East have join the social media bandwagon to leverage its power.

In particular, Dubai Government and their various departments are utilizing the power of social networking to disseminate information, promotions and most importantly, engaging with its people. In fact, Dubai Government was the first in the Middle East to use social media to “crowd-source” ideas from the public for improving the city’s Education and Healthcare.

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Within the Middle East, the GCC countries are in the forefront for Internet usage, Social Media & Smartphone penetration.  Among social networking sites, Facebook is the leader with a massive 94% of Social Media users in MENA on it, and 56 million being active users. Twitter, the second most popular social networking site has over 3.7 million active users in the region, tweeting around 10 million Tweets per day.

Middle East region also boasts around 300 million views on YouTube daily, the second highest of any region worldwide.

The folks at iCTQatar has put together a neat Infographic on Social Media in the MENA region.

social media MENA region

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