Social Media Plan for Events – How to make it work

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An Illustration of a how an Event can be planned and managed through Facebook. Image courtesy- Kherize

Social media activity is like a cloud burst. There is so much happening so fast. It is constantly changing and evolving at such an accelerated rate, that it can be  overwhelming. It’s hard to keep up, and assimilate all the incoming information and data. As business houses and corporate are using the social media for promotional and communication reasons, a new trend is also emerging – Use of  the Social Media for Planning of Events. Social media is impacting corporate meetings and events in an unprecedented manner.

Social Media can be an instrumental tool in planning and execution of an event in more ways than one. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Social media can be used by event planners for people who are planning to attend events and conferences for their networking and academic opportunities.

2. Event attendees are already on Facebook, Twitter,and LinkedIn. The event manager on social media will encourage the attendees to take part in discussion about the event in advance, during and after the event. Most organizers create a hype before the event, encouraging engagement and participation of the attendees.

3. Most event managers promote events on social media to drive attendance. The social media is indeed a great way to announce the event considering the sheer number of users.

4. Social media is a great way for word of mouth referral to go viral of an event. Event Planners can reach out to the attendees to invite their friends and acquaintances for the events. Attendance is just a click away and with the share options attendees can share the event with all their friends.

5. When users become fans of pages, or click like or share content on Facebook, join discussion groups on LinkedIn or tweet about certain topics, it becomes easier for event planners to target their target attendees based on the common topics.

6. Moblogging has only added to the frenzy around an event as blogs become easily available on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter during live events. This allows even those who were not able to attend the event to engage and receive live updates.

7. Social media can be instrumental in creating a reputation of your event, and organization depending upon careful planning, engagement and execution.

Comprehensive Plan of Action for A Social Media Event Planning – here’s an amazing article from the folks at ConstantContact on adding social media to your event strategy, which provides tips on how to build buzz & boost attendance.

The marketing company Marketo has built an good Infographic putting together a sample social media plan for events based on their ‘Definitive Guide to Event Marketing

Social Media Events Planner
Social Media Events Planner. Image credit-Marketo
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