Are U more Social Media savvy than a 6th grader?

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6th grade social media
Social media explained in simple ways. Photo-Eric Peacock/Flickr

It’s quite obvious that children are in a constant state of growth. While adults may continue to gain experiences which contribute to their every day learning, a child’s mental and physical capabilities grow at an exponential rate.

By the time a child is 10 years of age, he has a firm control over his thought processes. At age 12, his thinking becomes more concrete and logical, and he can easily grasp abstract relationships. However, it is at the age of 11, when a child enters the 6th grade, that a child is still learning to develop a personal perspective. This implies that he has a subjective assessment when it comes to describing inanimate objects – the description of which may not resemble reality.

Either way, the manner in which a child explains is always easy to comprehend by an adult.

That is why when it came to gauging whether adults are as informed about social networking sites as they claim to be, Social Strand Media decided to draw an analogy between how a 6th grader would describe them in his English class.

how to describe social media to sixth grader
Infographic: How to describe social media to sixth grader. Image-Social Strand Media

And for those who are a little above sixth-grade, here are some more details on a few major Social Media networks:


6th grade English: I eat #cookies

Twitter is a microblogging service that enables its users to send and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters, known as “tweets”.

The message that you just ate cookies will automatically be notified to your ‘followers’ who willingly chose to follow you. Since Twitter delivers recent updates in one’s lives, it is usually popular among Celebrities, Politicians and the Media, because it helps them build a more-personal connection with their fans. Fans in this case are then the followers.

The hash tag is a ‘trend’ which is used to indicate a topic most popularly being discussed. The hash tag facilitates tweets that are to be connected.


6th Grade English: I ‘like’ cookies

Facebook is a social networking website and is the largest of the social networking sites.

Facebook users create a profile page that shows their friends and networks information about themselves. It displays one’s activities in via posts, photographs and activities displayed on their wall. If you choose to ‘like cookies’ — then Facebook will notify your friends that you do.

Google Plus

6th Grade English: I hang out with people who like cookies

Google Plus is Google’s way of sharing stuff with family and friends. Google Plus is a ‘bouquet’ of services that we are currently using on Google. (ex: Google Hangouts, Google Chat, Google Docs, etc). With Google Plus, Google aims to make these services better.

It also gives one an option to start a hangout, where one can share mutual interests with people of similar taste.


6th Grade English: This is where I eat cookies

Foursquare provides location-based social networking services where users “check in” at venues. Frequent notifications are automatically shared with the friends on one’s list.


6th Grade English: Watch me eat my cookies

YouTube is an online haven of homemade, amateur and professional videos, available for viewer pleasure for free. With an account on YouTube one can upload a video about anything at all, including a demonstration about how to eat a cookie. The popularity of a video is gauged by the number of views displayed alongside the video.


6th Grade English: I am skilled at eating cookies

LinkedIn is a networking site for professionals who are seeking to reach out to a broader audience of working individuals. It displays one’s resume in an articulate manner by categorising their skills, work experience and interests to link individuals in the same industry.


6th Grade English: Here’s a cookie recipe

Pinterest is a digital scrapbook that helps users ‘pin’ photos and pictures onto categorized boards for reference. Pictures and photos can either be uploaded or pinned directly from a website.


6th Grade English: I take cool pictures of my cookies

Instagram is an online photo-sharing service which was recently bought by Facebook. Therefore, when you take a photo, you can upload it to Facebook.

Instagram has features that let the user customise the photo via the use of various filters and effects.


6th Grade English: I write (blogs) about cookies

The three are blogging websites of which Blogger and WordPress have the largest user base. A blog post can either be a story, simple text or just an image or a clip. They can be either personalized or used for professional services.

All of the blogging services allow the users to follow blogs of personal ‘Liking’ through a mailing subscription or by sign up.


6th Grade English: I recommend my favourite places to buy and eat cookies is a local business directory for the United States, almost exclusively. It has listings of businesses throughout the states and also contains reviews from users.


6th Grade English: I am listening to the Cookie Monster Rap song

Spotify is a commercial music streaming service that provides legally downloaded music content. It is linked to a Facebook account for login and the first six months allow a free trial.

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