Social media usage spikes in Ramadan

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A new survey has revealed that the use of social media in the Middle East is expected to jump by around about 30 percent during Ramadan.

Based on an extensive analysis of online activity in 2012, the report by The Online Project (TOP) highlights user activity at different times of the day. Compared to other months of the year, social media users significantly change their activity time on sites such as Facebook and Twitter during Ramadan. The activity soars during the night or early hours of the morning.

Users in the UAE and Qatar most actively used social media sites few hours before the sunset, while people in Saudi Arabia frequently used Facebook around 10pm. Users in the kingdom logged on to Twitter between 4 to 6 am, during Suhoor.

Social Media usage during Ramadan in Middle East -Infographic
Social Media usage during Ramadan -Infographic courtesy-The Online Project

According to TOP CEO Zafer Younis, “having discovered that social media consumption and user habits significantly change during the Holy month of Ramadan, we set out to study the outlying variable of this change to isolate the driving forces. Instead of looking at their social media platforms first thing in the morning when they wake up or get into work, our results show that during Ramadan, people are most active on Twitter early evening at approximately 7pm, just before they break their fast.”

The study also shows that the number of negative comments on social media declined sharply during the month of Ramadan. The users were receptive to brand messages, allowing marketers an improved opportunity to engage with their consumers and effectively lead the campaign. As consumer spending on household items generally witnesses an upwards trend during Ramadan, companies spend about 20 percent more on advertising in tradition mediums, such as newspapers and television.

By understanding the changes in consumer behavior and how users shift their usage pattern during Ramadan, businesses can enhance their revenues and profitability. To fully benefit from consumer engagement, businesses should tailor their content and also post entertaining messages that capture the imagination of a wider audience.

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