Social networking emerging as big voice for job search

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social media infographic
Small business owners and social media managers around the world have used social media to increase business performance. The info graphic by Postling reflects how small businesses are using social media.

Today?s world is growing more dependent on the social networking sites for job search, news, dating and to stay connected with the people across the globe than ever. Small businesses now have a bigger platform to voice their requirements in a much better way with the help of the social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

According to a recent survey published by CNET, 27 per cent of small businesses are on Facebook, seven per cent use Twitter, whereas LinkedIn commands an 18 per cent share. The leading tech media website reported that expertise of social media would be the most helpful tool for new hiring as the demand to untap the new media potential is increasing day-by-day.

Kathy O’Reilly, director of social media relations at job recruitments site, said: ?On any given week, we may see hundreds of new social media-related jobs posted.?

Augie Ray, a former Forrester Research analyst, agreed with O’Reilly about how new jobs are being created thanks to the power of social media. She now handles social media for insurance group USAA. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, she said:?”This is the year when companies large and small realised the importance of social media, and there has been lots of investment in social media.”

The battle between the search engines has also become one of the biggest spectacles in the tech market. Google and Bing also started integrating social networks in their search engines. Several companies are using networking sites to find talented individuals. Jibe is one of the websites working for professionalism on social networking sites. It?s significantly easier to create a job network these days but making things possible is another story. Jibe keeps your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts to assess your work and educational background and help you create your own Jibe profile. Here you can also browse sites on job board and see a list of your favourite companies.

MyWorkster is another of the best websites that play a very big role in job search. MyWorkster is a creative site which helps you stay connected with your school alumni. The site originally began as a tool for connecting alumni with students or soon-to-be graduates and has transitioned into a job fair event planner.

Let?s Lunch went online in February 2011 and has since become a vital resource for careerists who want to excel. The site pulls information from your LinkedIn profile, checks your availability, and schedules lunch with similar professionals in your area. The site also has a merit system based on your positive experiences, which increases credibility to your profile.

Plaxo is a network similar to LinkedIn where you can create your own job profiles with contact information and a ?pulse stream? to make your presence felt. It provides automatic updating of contact information. Plaxo stores the information of its users and their contacts on its servers and updates information when a users edits or makes changes in his address books. Contacts stored in the central location makes it possible to list connections between contacts and access the address book from anywhere.

Craigslist is another valuable job search site for jobseekers.?There are many success stories from people searching for a job through the social media networking finally landed one. Gary, an avid Craigslist fan wrote on his profile: “I was recently laid off from work so I started using the Internet to search for career advice. A reliable website I?ve been using is They have an exclusive program (CAREEREALISM University) where people pay to be in a private social network (like Facebook) for a few months.” He added that each person is privately coached?in this network which is very cool because your career strategist actually builds a relationship with you which allows him/her to give you the appropriate advice/resources.

“I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a job or is dissatisfied with their current career and enjoys networking via a social network,” he advised jobseekers in his profile.

The success stories will keep coming as long as people use the best available opportunities to find out the best job for them. The social media is very vast and gives you the opportunity to publicise your skills and abilities and get the best of people in the market to hire you. Now you know where you need to exactly invest your time for the best of your life opportunities. Start with a click and end up taking the best job for yourself.

(Writing by Manasa Kesiraju; Editing by Moign Khawaja)

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