Sony Corp Targeted again by Hackers

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Hackers have targeted Sony Corporation’s website again in less than a month after more than 100 million online user accounts were stolen, exposing more security issues for the company.

Internet security firm F-Secure disclosed on Friday that a hacked page on a Sony website in Thailand directed users to a fake site posing as an Italian credit card company. The site was designed to steal information from customers.

It is the latest in a series of security headaches for Sony, which discovered in April hackers had broken into its PlayStation Network and stolen data from more than 77 million accounts. On May 2, Sony disclosed hackers had also stolen data from about 25 million user accounts of the Sony Online Entertainment website, a PC-based games service.

PlayStation Network and other services were shutdown for close to a month as a result of, as experts say, one of the biggest attack in internet history and they attribute it to Sony’s security issue.

The latest hacking, which the security company said occurred separately from the April attack, was reported just hours after Sony told customers of another breach on one of its units. Security experts said they were not surprised that the electronics company has not yet fixed weaknesses in its massive global network. Last week, Sony shut down one of its websites set up to help millions of users change their passwords after finding a security flaw.

Security experts have told Reuters Sony’s networks around the world remain vulnerable to attack.

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