Sony Mobiles seeks new opportunities in the Middle East

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Spyros Gousetis, Director of Marketing, Sony Mobile Communications for the Middle East, in conversation with the Arabian Gazette. 

Gousetis told the Arabian Gazette that the company seeks to pursue new business opportunities in the MEA region  to introduce new products and services. Also, putting to rest speculations, he explained that there are no plans for Sony to divest from Sony Mobile.

Sony Mobile Xperia-Z3-Dual-Colors


How significant is the Middle East for Sony Mobile?

The MEA region is very important to Sony Mobile Communications on a global level and we are currently amongst the top five smartphone brands in the region. The region is still young and we have seen Sony Mobile enjoy very strong growth over the last three years and it has become increasingly important for Sony Mobile globally.  Our region is one that is enormously tech-savvy with among the highest smartphone penetration levels around the world and a real appetite for the type of premium smartphones that Sony Mobile continues to introduce to the market.

How does Sony Mobile differentiate itself from competitors?

Sony Mobile uses its quality of design, product attributes and quality of manufacture to help it stand out to consumers. Sony Mobile has a range smartphones, tablets, and Smartwear that includes the best in-class features that Sony has built a global reputation for through development and innovation.

Firstly, we leverage on Sony’s innovations in both screen resolution and camera technologies to provide users with premium hardware to watch the latest movies in high resolution and capture memories in incredible detail.

Unique features include the highest quality cameras, waterproof and dustproof capabilities, amazing sound and imagery coupled with unrivaled battery life in the form of beautifully designed, sleek products.

Meanwhile we ensure that we harness Sony Mobile’s unique spirit of innovation to  pursue new business opportunities here in the MEA region and around the world to introduce  new products and services that enrich users’ lives through the very best  means of communication that are made possible.

What is the current marketing strategy for Sony Mobile and is it working?

The smartphone industry is a constantly developing and changing field that sees each company differentiates itself from competitors by using a number of different attributes to make it easy for consumers to identify different brands. Sony Mobile uses its quality of design, product attributes and quality of manufacture to help it stand out to consumers.

Sony Mobile will continue to harness the fantastic technologies that it has from Sony’s camera capabilities and high resolution screens, as well as innovate and develop new technologies to provide consumers with a high quality and beautifully designed smartphones, tablets, smartwear. Users also have the chance to use the Xperia Lounge application on their Sony Mobile smartphones and tablets, allowing them to enjoy access to blockbusters, music, themes, and exclusive offers, all tailor made for Sony Mobile devices.

What are recent products launched?

The first half of 2015 has seen Sony Mobile release some fantastic smartphones that have been well received by consumers and media, most recently the new premium smartphone – the Xperia Z3+ Dual, which will be on the shelves of all major retailers in the region by mid-July.

Consumers have also been positive about the Xperia M4 Aqua Dual and the Xperia C4 Dual. The Xperia M4 Aqua Dual gives you the chance to enjoy the fantastic waterproofing capabilities, while the Xperia C4 Dual is Sony Mobile’s very own selfie smartphone – allowing you to take great selfies with the 5MP front facing camera. Sony Mobile has also released the brilliant Xperia Z4 Tablet globally and it has been highly praised as a fantastic 10.1” Tablet, with the opportunity to attach a dedicated Bluetooth keyboard.

The Middle East and Africa region is one of the fastest growing and most successful for Sony Mobile in the world. What’s your current market share in this region and worldwide?

The Middle East and Africa is a market Sony Mobile has been focusing on over the last few years, and one which we have had a lot of success in. We look forward to continuing our growth in this region.

Sony Mobile was a one of the first brands to introduce wearable devices to the market, with Sony SmartWatch. Tell us more about the wearable market, trends and your forecasts.

The developement of weareable tech is advancing rapidly, with smartwatches in particular being a focus point for developers to innovate and provide a new outlook on a product tht Sony pioneered and we have already introduced our 3rd generation Smartwatch.

Sony Mobile is a pioneer of wearable technologies and with Smartwear gaining popularity in the region, we have seen increased interest in the Sony Smartwatch 3 and the Sony Smartband Talk. Our recently launched SmartWatch 3, our third generation device, offers more independent features making it the perfect device when it’s away from the user’s smartphone. It includes functionalities perfect for everyday use, and the LifeLog application helps track the user’s everyday experiences.

Sony Corp’s President and CEO Kazuo Hirai during a corporate strategy meeting in February 18, 2015 said “[Sony] would no longer pursue sales growth in areas such as smartphones…’. What do you make out of this statement?

There are no plans for Sony to divest from Sony Mobile. Sony acquired the entire Sony Mobile telephony business in 2012 from Sony Ericsson, and we are only 3 years into a long term business plan that we are confident will succeed. The Middle East and Africa is important to Sony Mobile on a global scale.

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