Sony Suit

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Playstation is no more a play thing.

Three men are suing Sony over data breach of the company’sPlaystation Network and Sony Online systems. They say that the company was aware of their security lapse before the cyberattack.

The suit was filed earlier on behalf of Felix Cortorreal, Jacques Daoud Jr., and Jimmy Cortorreal. The three people allege that Sony knew about the inadequacy of its security system which directly and?proximately?caused the theft of its customers? personal information.

The trio also claimed that Sony had spent lavishly on the security of its development servers to protect sensitive data, while it failed to protect their customer data.

Sony is also accused of laid offs of its employees from its Sony Online Entertainment workforce just before the security breach, which it claims as a part of the cost-cutting measures.

Sony has been under fire since April for not informing its customers of the breach but only after hackers? accessed personal information from the PlayStation Network and Qriocity accounts. About 90 percent of the users belong to North America and Europe.Then the PSN and Qriocity services were taken offline for almost a month, while Sony tried to rebuild its security systems and undertook a forensic investigation into the breach.

Sony has already implemented a sort of apology program for customers, including free credit monitoring for a year, free game downloads, free movie rentals, and other in-game bonuses.

The security breach is one of the latest cyber attacks against high-profile firms.

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