Sowwah Is Now Al Maryah Island

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Abu Dhabi's Al Maryah Island at night. Photo

It’s official, the Abu Dhabi Municipality is to rename Sowwah Island as Al Maryah Island.

It is worthwhile pointing out that Al Maryah Island occupies a unique location between the current business area of Abu Dhabi and the forthcoming futuristic projects at Al Reem Island, Mina Zayed and the new cultural district at Saadiyat Island.

The main reason behind this change is to highlight the economic and urban significance of the area in keeping with its geographical location and historical background.

The new name signifies a historical village in Liwa Oasis, Abu Dhabi, inhabited by an abundant number of Purebred Arabian Oryx called Al Mariah.

The location was dotted with springs of fresh water and various birds species.

Throughout history, the area witnessed number of episodes of growth and development, with demographic colonies coming out with the development of towns and oases, which bear witness to the comprehensive development drive seen in the UAE.

If experts are to be believed, Al Maryah signify the deeply rooted affinity between the pillars and ingredients of the UAE heritage as Al Maryah is also the name of a sand grouse that is an important portion of the UAE’s desert terrain and its natural diversity.

At this point of time, Al Maryah Island is experiencing an extensive urban and modern upswing through development spanning 114 hectares. The island was selected by the Urban Planning Council in Abu Dhabi to be the new Central Business District of the capital.

It is being build in stages. The first stage, Sowwah Square, featuring 180,000 square metres of grade A office space integrated within a luxury leisure, shopping and dining precinct.

Al Maryah Island will also consist of lots of service and recreational facilities made to global standards including public parks, footpaths, high-class hotels, various entertainment means; and public facilities like restaurants and shopping centres apart from lots of  international medical facilities like Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi.

Benchmarked at the best standards and specifications, there is no denying the fact that Al Maryah Island is a unique commercial and entertainment hub at both regional and global levels.


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