Spain seeks E-coli compensation

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Spain is all set to demand a 100% compensation over claims that the country?s produce has caused the E-coli outbreak. The outbreak of the virus has killed 18 people and left hundreds seriously ill.

Spanish PM Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero is demanding reparations for the economic losses suffered by the country. Rosa Aguilar, Spain?s environment and rural affairs minister has confirmed that the demand would be put forward in the meeting of European Union farm ministers in Luxembourg. “We will not accept any loss whatsoever for our producers, because they are not in any way to blame for this,” she said.

Spanish fruit and vegetable exporters are said to be losing 200 million euros ($292m) a week, after the outbreak. Germany, where the outbreak is centered, has blamed Spanish cucumbers; which Spain has not accepted to date.

Sources: BBC; CNN

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