‘Spiderman’ Conquers World’s Tallest Twisted Tower in Dubai

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Spiderman conquers Cayan Tower Dubai
A night shot of Dubai Marina featuring the world’s tallest twisted tower, Cayan Tower – which the French ‘Spiderman’ conquered today.


He did it. Made it look so easy.

Probably, it was an easy feat for him, having already scaled the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa.

Dubbed the French Spiderman, Alain Roberts set out to climb the Cayan Tower, which is the world’s tallest twisted tower, in Dubai Marina, a little after 8pm on Sunday.

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Initially, he had estimated to reach the top of the tower in 90 minutes. However, the incredible guy did it in just 60 minutes.

Guinness world record was awarded to him for the first man to climb the world’s tallest twisted tower.

Spiderman Alain Roberts with the Guinness World Record

 Photos courtesy-Daniel Cheong, Alain Roberts

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