Sport Fans Turn to Internet to View Major Sporting Events

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 38% of sport spectators will view international sporting events mainly via the Internet, while only 6% will use radio and print

DUBAI, 9 May 2012 – Effective Measure, the leading provider of digital media planning solutions in emerging markets, today reported new poll figures on media consumption habits and consumer sentiment of sport spectators in UAE, with 38 percent of respondents attributing the Internet as the main source for viewing major sporting events. This data is based on a FlashPoll conducted in the first week of May 2012.

Effective Measure Vice President of Digital Insights, Brendon Ogilvy, said, “The Internet plays a key role in connecting sports fans to major international events through a variety of channels including digital TV, social media and news sites. With the Olympics coming up in July, the 47 percent of UAE audience that indicated an interest in watching major sporting events will be able to witness historical sporting feats, along with the rest of the world, easily via the Internet.”

Key findings:

  • Internet is a significant source for sports coverage, digital TV singled out

Internet is a comparatively large news source for sporting events, with 38 percent of respondents planning to use it to watch upcoming live and repeated coverage of international sporting events, while only five percent attributed print media and one percent attributed radio as a main news source. There is a large potential for digital TV growth, with 54 percent of respondents attributing both analog and digital TV as their main channel for sports coverage and 29 percent attributing digital TV and radio as the best infotainment source of international sporting events.

  • Social media only seven percent behind official sports sites as infotainment source

Social media such as Twitter, Facebook YouTube, blogs and forums provided the best source of information and entertainment for 16 percent of respondents, behind official sports sites, digital TV and radio and news sites. Despite this, the proportion of interest in social media is higher than other countries with strong sports following, such as Australia (eight percent) and South Africa (14 percent). 13 percent indicated that other Internet channels aside from social media, digital TV and radio, official sites and news sites would be their main infotainment source, suggesting the expansive nature of Internet as a communication medium.

  • Greatest value advertisers can offer is to inspire audience to take up sport

76 percent of respondents found that the most value that advertisers and sponsors can offer over an international sporting season is to inspire them to take up sport, while featuring a sports icon in campaigns seemed to provide the least value to sport spectators. Engaging with local sports groups to promote sportsmanship (73 percent) and giving away event-related prizes or gifts (72 percent) were the second and third most highly regarded benefit. Half of the respondents also indicated that having ample opportunity to try advertised products provided “fair value”.

Main source for live & repeated major international sports coverage
Main source for live & repeated major international sports coverage

Best Internet channel providing UAE audience with information or entertainment on international sporting events

Value that advertisers and sponsors can provide, according to UAE audience, over international sporting events

FlashPoll for ‘Sport Spectators in the UAE’

Data for ‘Sport Spectators in the UAE’ was extracted from a FlashPoll on sport viewership, media consumption and consumer sentiment. Responses were received from Internet users primarily in GCC (92 percent), over three days in the first week of May 2012.

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