Stanton Chase & Pi Slice Collaborate to Increase micro-lending in MENA

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Stanton Chase & Pi Slice Collaborate to Increase Funding for MENA’s Micro Finance Institutions 

Partnership to help build a sustainable for MENA micro-Entrepreneurs

Stanton Chase Pi Slice
Pi Slice partners with Stanton Chase to help build a sustainable for MENA micro-Entrepreneurs

Stanton Chase Middle East is proud to announce its partnership with Pi Slice, as part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities and its continuous commitment to dynamically contribute in the development of the MENA region and the improvement of the life of its people.  As part of the partnership, Stanton Chase and Pi Slice have launched a ‘lending page’ to encourage the wider community towards micro-lending.  Companies and individuals in the GCC and broader Middle East can view a list of unique micro financed projects and choose to provide support to the project of their choice.

Through this collaboration, Stanton Chase and Pi Slice bring a unique proposition to the MENA region, through which individuals and companies who wish to invest are linked with MENA-based micro-finance institutions (MFIs), which, in turn, use the funds to provide micro-credit to their customers.  Through this, motivated individuals and companies can help MENA’s MFIs to build a sustainable future for micro-entrepreneurs, as well as a favorable ecosystem for development at the macro level.

“Stanton Chase is always keen to identify new ways to bring together companies and/or individuals and unite their efforts towards a common goal of social interest”, mentions Panos Manolopoulos, Global Vice Chairman of Stanton Chase International and Managing Partner Middle East.  “Our partnership with Pi Slice not only allows the direct and personal engagement of people towards the improvement of the economic and social conditions of the MENA region, it also contributes directly to the creation of new jobs and, thus, acts as an indicative answer to the region’s biggest challenge: unemployment.  We believe that this initiative contributes in effectively addressing the need for further economic development and full use of the human talent’s potential”.

Companies and individuals are welcomed to visit the link, in order to explore in details the available projects to be financed.  In this page, one can follow “live” the contributions offered, as well as the results achieved in number of companies assisted, and number of jobs created.  Stanton Chase and Pi Slice will offer frequent updates on the achievements of this project, while featuring in more details the most prominent success stories.

“Corporations and individuals have no access to projects that align with their social strategic goals,” said Pi Slice CEO Genny Ghanimeh. “This is exactly what Pi Slice resolves by providing transparency, accountability, access, and choice. We believe that the private sector should be able to support the fight against unemployment in a transparent, efficient, and respectful manner.  Previously this was a dream, but now technology has made it a reality. We are very happy to announce our partnership with Stanton Chase, a company with leadership that has proved to be innovative, progressive and committed into social change and building impact.”

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