Start-ups get a leg-up thanks to region’s e-commerce leader

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MarkaVIP sponsors four promising entrepreneurial ventures in the Digital Spotlight at ArabNet Digital Summit 2013. 

MarkaVIP has been instrumental in developing online shopping in the Middle East.

ArabNet takes place from 24th – 26th June at Atlantis, The Palm, in Dubai.

MarkaVIP executives
Sohrab Jahanbani – Chief Operating Officer MarkaVIP (left) and Ahmed Alkhatib – Founder CEO MarkaVIP specialise in online shopping for the Middle East region.

As one of the Middle East’s pioneering e-commerce ventures and passionate advocates of entrepreneurial excellence, MarkaVIP, the region’s largest flash sales fashion and lifestyle website is awarding scholarships to four promising start-ups looking to gain exposure and support for their budding businesses at this year’s ArabNet Digital Summit.

In less than three years, the site which has adapted the tried-and-tested ‘flash sales model’ to suit the region’s consumers, boasts more than 2.7 million users and continues to attract thousands of new customers every day.

Founder and CEO, Ahmed Alkhatib and COO, Sohrab Jahanbani (previously co-founder of GoNabit, the Middle East’s first group buying website) have developed home-grown online businesses to a high level of success. Both also sought and received support and exposure at the annual ArabNet conference at the start of their respective businesses.

Two seasoned entrepreneurs at the helm of MarkaVIP are well placed to recognise up-and-coming digital businesses with strong potential.

Ahmed Alkhatib; “Having participated at ArabNet since its beginning in 2009 when we were launching our respective businesses, Sohrab and I know what it feels like to be determined to succeed and hungry for support for our ventures. We want to actively support the entrepreneurial ecosystem that is developing in our region, and embrace the opportunity to sponsor the most exciting, ambitious but cash-strapped new digital ventures wanting to showcase their business ideas at ArabNet.

We are both active mentors to first-time entrepreneurs and believe that in order for the ecosystem to grow, successful businesses like ours should give back and encourage start-ups to help create the success stories of tomorrow. ArabNet is a great opportunity for start-ups to show their ideas to the rest of the industry, get feedback, attract angel investment and secure other partnerships.” — Ahmed Alkhatib, CEO

The scholarships, valued at USD 2,500.00 each, will enable digital business entrepreneurs to participate in the ArabNet Digital Showcase, a platform to present their business proposition to more than 800 digital professionals, exhibition booth space, 1:1 networking sessions with industry leaders, financial institutions, media professionals and telecom operators, and full access to the ArabNet Digital Summit.   Candidates should demonstrate strong business sense, ambitious planning and a compelling rationale for support from MarkaVIP.

ArabNet takes place from 24th – 26th June at Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai.  For more information, log onto:

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