Stimulus to Dubai Medical Tourism: DHA Unveils New Healthcare Initiative

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DHA has come up with an innovative plan to step up Dubai medical tourism sector.

dubai health tourism
Dubai Health Authority has come up with an innovative plan to step up Dubai medical tourism sector.

Dubai attracts millions of tourists from all over the world who come to see the fusion of modernity and traditionalism that prevails all over the region. But there are various dimensions to the tourism aspect that the region offers, each quite separated and distinguished in its own right.

One facet of such tourism diversity is medical tourism that is quite prevalent within the region. Comparatively lesser-known though it is, medical tourism in Dubai is nonetheless a majorly thriving arena that generates a substantial amount of medical cases and revenue into the region.

The major reason that medical tourism, as it is referred to, is high in Dubai is because of the comparatively lower medical costs and highly feasible infrastructural facilities to patients suffering from various ailments and medical problems.

Looking at the high rate of returns that the country earns by way of providing highly qualitative medical treatments, the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has come up with an initiation plan to boost the medical tourism sector so as to bring about a two-way enhancement of the singular concept.

The salient points of the proposed plan can be summarised as:

  • Specific medical treatment packages to be launched for the patients’ welfare which would include treatment costs, travelling costs, visa costs and even some recreation time for the family members to de-stress themselves
  • These packages will be launched along with the support of the region’s tourism and external affairs ministry to ensure smooth procedural transition for the patients and their families
  • The set targets for medical tourism in the region through this initiation plan include providing necessary medical assistance to around 1,70,000 people by 2016 and generate over one billion dirham by way of revenue
  • DHA also expects that this initiation plan will raise the platform of medical tourism to about 5,00,000 by 2020 and generate revenue exceeding 2.5 billion dirham
  • The initiation plan has been strategized into two parts, one keeping a benchmark target for 2016 and the other keeping a benchmark target for 2020
  • DHA has listed several medical specialisation areas as a part of this medical tourism program including arenas like dental care, dermatology, wellness and preventive clinical programs
  • Highly qualified and competent medical practitioners and staff along with high-end technical infrastructure to provide the best treatment for incoming patients

Presently, the field of medical tourism in Dubai attracts people from countries in the Indian sub-continent, United States of America and even Africa. The proposed innovative plan for medical tourism has been targeted at European countries, GCC nations, Commonwealth nations and South Asian countries with a potentiality of spreading even more in the forthcoming years.

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