The Story Told by Eyes

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Everyday we see lots of children, we capture their smiles in our mind, we preserve their innocence in our heart, we hear their giggles and laughters…

Today you will see the eyes of the children and the stories that have only tasted bitter times in their lives, the eyes that demonstrate “I have a dream…”

This photography is about kids who are living in abject poverty. It is about the millions of children in the world who have no access to basic services such as clean water, healthcare, schools and hospitals. These are the images of children who are missing out on their childhood and never have time to grow, learn, play and feel safe…

Let’s look into the eyes of these kids and get a glimpse of their stories!

If the above images have really moved you, and you would like to do whatever you can to bring a difference in the lives of these kids, please get in touch with the organisations below:





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