Stunning ‘Street View’ Emirates A380 virtual tour

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Stunning 360-degree virtual tour of Emirates A380 now on Google ‘Street View’ launched as Emirates Airlines celebrates its 5th anniversary partnership with the AirBus A380.

Emirates A380 Virtual Tour
Emirates A380 upper deck.

Never got a chance to fly on a A380 super jumbo? No problem, Google, which recently took the world’s tallest tower – Burj Khalifa – to the cyber world has now made world’s first ‘Street View’ of the iconic double-decker A380, the world’s largest commercial jet aircraft.

Emirates Airline’s Google ‘Street View’ allows anyone on the Web to take a virtual tour of all the suites, including the on board lounges and spas. You can even observe the pilot’s view from the cockpit – something that even First Class passengers cannot enjoy.

The AirBus A380 has a wingspan of 79.8 metres and passenger capacity of 517 people, it can cover 15,000 kilometres in a single journey, and is 20 percent more fuel efficient than its only competitor, the Boeing Dreamliner.

Emirates A380 virtual tour

The virtual tour offers to explore the Emirates A380’s luxurious first class private suites, expansive business class cabin, onboard lounges, shower spas, cockpit and more on Street View.

To take a stunning, 360-degree virtual journey of the iconic double-decker click here.

Emirates A380 partnership – Getting Stronger

Emirates is the world’s largest operator of the A380. In addition to its 35-strong fleet, the airline has a further 55 A380s on order. Emirates has carried more than 18 million passengers on its double-decker A380 as the airline marks the fifth anniversary since joining the Emirates fleet.

Dubai International Airport was the first, and is the only airport in the world to have a dedicated A380 terminal, when it opened the purpose-built concourse A in January.

As of today, Emirates A380 destinations are: Dubai, Amsterdam, Auckland, Bangkok, Beijing, Hong Kong, Jeddah, Kuala Lumpur, London Heathrow, Manchester, Melbourne, Moscow, Munich, New York JFK, Paris, Rome, Seoul, Singapore, Shanghai, Sydney and Toronto.

In the coming months, the A380 route network will be extended to Brisbane (1st October), Los Angeles (2nd December), Mauritius (16th December) and Zurich from 1st January 2014.

Emirates also released an Infographic full of Emirates A380 statistics.

Emirates A380 Infographic
Emirates A380 Infographic

Five years of the Emirates’ A380 – quirky facts

Emirates has released some interesting facts and figures on the items loaded aboard Emirates’ A380s departing Dubai, since it started operating A380 back in 2008.

Bread rolls loaded: 14,000,000
Fresh fruit baskets: 22,438
Fresh flower displays: 157,062
Caviar tins (30 grammes): 210,477 (6,314 kilogrammes)
Shaving kits: 224,414
Toothbrushes: 1,009,767
Cornflake packs: 516,061
Coffee packs: 2,153,988
Teabags: 4,375,237
Sugar packs: 6,731,580
Baby food jars: 538,500

Have you traveled in an Emirates A380? What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments!

Photo/Infographic: courtesy Emirates

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