Sunny times for asset management sector

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A view of construction around World Trade Centre in Dubai.
A view of  roads and bridges under construction around the World Trade Centre in Dubai. With the GCC states investing up to USD 121 billion in different infrastructure projects, the asset management industry is enjoying a boom. Photo-RTA

With the GCC states investing up to USD 121 billion in different road and bridge infrastructure projects, the asset management industry is enjoying an unprecedented boom across the region.

Some of the latest methodologies and strategies in asset risk management, asset reliability and asset information will be shared with asset owners at the Government Asset Management Congress. The event is a one-of-a-kind event in the Middle East, featuring some well-known industry personalities speaking about international and regional best practices. The four-day conference will be hosted in Dubai, starting Sunday.

Leaders of Middle Eastern utilities and transport agencies will shed light on the importance of asset management in ensuring sustainability for the region’s infrastructure. This will provide the delegates an opportunity to benefit from each others’ learning curves and implement a robust risk management system in the company.

The event will also include a series of post-Congress master classes, from May 14 to 15, providing the attendees an opportunity to learn about the implementation of a corporate risk management framework to drive asset performance gains and savings. How to build an asset-orientated organization with PAS 55, will also be covered. Further, the delegates will learn about the principles of whole life costing for capital and operations investment decision making, and how IT can be leveraged to create and maintain asset information.

“It is an honor to share the City of Edmonton’s infrastructure asset management experience at the conference, as an example of best international practices. I hope that Edmonton’s infrastructure asset management journey and the tools and processes developed by the City of Edmonton will help provide perspective and ideas for managing infrastructure in the Middle East.” — Konrad Siu, Director at the Office of Infrastructure and Funding Strategy, City of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and a speaker at this year’s event

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