Supersonic Wings !

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Around the globe in 40 days was said to be a remarkable achievement once upon a time. How about traveling around the globe in a single day?

Having breakfast at a restaurant in Burj Khalifa, and heading towards London to have lunch at a restaurant in the banks of Thames and dinner at a dazzling pub at Manhattan. Sounds phenomenal but strange! However it is not impossible. The 49th Paris Air Show unveiled some possibilities.That is if you are willing to wait. Two visionary aircraft manufacturers, striving to alter the pages of aviation history were excited to disclose their projects at the show.

Sonic Star

Hyper Mach, the airplane manufacturers have already started the ground works for this big leap. The company promises passengers to travel around the world in under five hours. According to Richard Lugg the CEO of Hyper Mach, the plane named as Sonic Star will fly twice the speed of a will make access to the other side of the world easy and instant.

Lugg told reporters he had been inspired as a youngster watching the maiden voyage of Concorde, and had made it his “life’s work” to come up with the next generation of hypersonic aircraft. Hyper Mach promises passengers to travel around the world in under five hours. It has the capacity to link Dubai and New-York in just 2 hours and 20 minutes.

Lugg says the jet will reach speeds of up to Mach 3.6 — twice the speed of Concorde — and fly at 18,300 meters, high enough for passengers to see the curvature of the earth. Carbon footprint It also promises reduced emissions and low sounds. Hyper Mach?s proposed time for the first fly of Sonic Star is in June 2021. Even though travel time, emission and noise are less, It will be an expensive affair for most of the holiday makers and business travelers, says Lugg. It will seat only 20 passengers in ?VVIP luxury accommodation?


The next jet in the offing is from aircraft manufacturer EADS. They are planning an air craft using biofuel made from sea weed, which leaves zero carbon emission. This Zero Emission Hyper sonic Transport (ZEHST) assures to cut the travel time from Paris to Tokyo from the current 11 hours to less than 2.5 hours.

EADS says the plane’s three engine types — conventional jets, rockets and supersonic “ramjets” — will allow it to speed at Mach 4, around 5,000 kmh. But EADS is not moving so fast with their plan. T The plane is not due to take-off until 2050


The makers of these two planes may throw caution to the wind, however experts are not convinced. Experts think that thee technologically complex concepts may not even take off from the drawing but this will not deter many others. “Good luck to them, but I’m very skeptical,” said Murdo Morrison, editor of Flight International magazine. He added: “The costs of designing something like this from scratch are astronomical, and even if they can get it to the prototype stage, that’s not even half the battle, it’s maybe 10%. Aerospace is littered with companies that went bust once they went into production.

“The science exists, we know planes can fly at supersonic speeds: Fighter aircraft do it, Concorde did it — the technology is there, but the problem is making it work commercially. “If it was easy, if it was possible, one of the big manufacturers would have done it already.”

Thus the time ahead is hopeful. Supersonic technology is there and aircraft manufacturers are getting ready to revolutionize. When and how is the real question. Travelling to New-York from Dubai in 2 hours may not be a reality for most of us, but might be possible at least for our children.

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