Survey Reveals Big Data, Cloud and Process Management are Driving the Digital Enterprise

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Software AG's CTO, Dr. Wolfram Jost
Software AG’s CTO, Dr. Wolfram Jost delivering his general session keynote during the ProcessWorld 2012. Photo courtesy-SoftwareAG

Software AG Survey: Big Data, Cloud and Process Management are Driving the Digital Enterprise

  • The ProcessWorld 2012 attendees survey confirms that Big Data, Cloud, Mobile & Collaborative technologies will all show adoption rates of over 20 per cent in the coming 24 months
  • Business processes management is seen as a key adoption driver with over 40 per cent of attendees planning projects
  • Management of Big Data is being driven by a need for real-time business insights and faster business decisions (over 33 per cent of responders)
  • Cloud adoption driven by the integration of hybrid (on and off premise) application integration (44 per cent)

Software AG recently announced the results of a customer technology adoption survey carried out at its ProcessWorld 2012 event in Florida. The results confirm the software market is at an inflection point with the widespread adoption of Big Data, Cloud, Mobile, Collaborative and Business Process Management (BPM) technologies over the coming 24 months. The simultaneous adoption of these technologies is significantly changing the ways enterprises do business and accelerating the reaction of enterprises to changing customer and market behavior. Asked to identify technologies that will open major business opportunities, over 20 per cent of responders see the management of Big Data and collaborative work practices as important technologies, over 30 per cent see Cloud and mobile applications driving new business and over 40 per cent see BPM as the key technology in the digital enterprise. At ProcessWorld 2012, Software AG announced a major update to its webMethods and ARIS business process product suites focusing on integrating Big Data with Business Processes and the Cloud. The validity of this strategy has been fully confirmed by this survey.

“Driving the adoption of these technologies is the need for faster, better informed business decisions,” stated Software AG CTO, Wolfram Jost. “But the real-time data, rapid scalability and fast decision making enabled by these technologies are of little use if companies still take months or years to implement business process change. The market will not wait; by integrating business processes with Big Data, the Cloud and both Mobil and Collaborative applications we are giving enterprises an uninterrupted rapid response service to changing market conditions.”

Marco Gerazounis, Senior VP Middle East North Africa & Turkey, Software AG, said: “There is an exceptionally high level of interest towards Business Process Excellence in the Middle East, as business enterprises increasingly appreciate the strategic benefits in terms of improved business efficiency and flexibility. Moreover, Software AG has successfully demonstrated the practicability and superiority of integrating business process with Big Data, Cloud, Mobile and Collaborative technologies, giving businesses much greater latitude to drive their overall performance and growth. The results of the ProcessWorld 2012 survey only confirmed what we have been advocating and we are pleased that the business community in general has been strongly receptive to this emerging business paradigm.”

This was further emphasized by the survey response to the management of Big Data. Customers primarily saw the need to gain real-time operational business insights to drive faster and better informed business decisions as the prime reason driving adoption.

Software AG sees the successful management of Big Data as a game-changing force for all businesses and last year bought Terracotta, the company behind some of the most widely used software for application scalability, availability and performance. “We recognized that in-memory data processing is the future,” said Software AG CMO Ivo Totev. “A value chain is only as fast as its slowest link and in-memory technology frees customers from the storage and database bottleneck in processing both huge amounts of real-time data and archived data. This allows for rapid and fully informed business decisions.”

The impact of Big Data and faster business decisions is huge. It has been estimated that USD 300 billion could be saved each year in the U.S. healthcare system with big data technologies. EU agencies could cut their bills by USD 250 billion. Further calculations indicate that American companies could increase their operating profit margin in the retail sector by six percent or liquidity in manufacturing by seven per cent.

Completing the jigsaw, ProcessWorld attendees primarily saw the integration of on and off premise application integration as the main driver for Cloud adoption. “Rapid scalability is key in the light of the survey’s findings,” said Wolfram Jost. “And rapid integration of existing on-premise infrastructure with Cloud-based applications is a significant feature of webMethods 9.0. We developed both webMethods 9.0 and ARIS 9.0 in close cooperation with major customers and this survey shows that we are right on track.”

ARIS 9.0 and webMethods 9.0 together will help enterprises navigate the dynamically developing world of technology and harness current developments to deliver even more business insight, agility and performance. The basis for this is modular, extendable, adaptable and scalable IT infrastructure supporting agile and flexible business processes. An early customer access program for ARIS 9.0 and webMethods 9.0 is scheduled for Q4 2012; general availability starts in Q1 2013. If you are interested to learn more about Enterprise Business Process Management, I encourage you to get your free copy of the Intelligent Guide to Enterprise BPM using the link below:

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