Taiwan opens arms for Muslim travelers

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Very few countries are perfect for a Muslim traveller, Taiwan welcomes you with all facilities!

Apart from the international airports, very few countries know much about Islam as a religion and the needs of a traveller following Islam.

Bitou Cape Park Taiwan

[box]What does a Muslim traveller need?

Halal Food
Prayer Facilities
Alcohol-free accommodation[/box]

Taiwan’s tourism board is attempting to create a Muslim-friendly island nation and we believe it is achieving success at a faster pace than expected.

You would be interested in this data that notes that 85 businesses in the field of travel hold Halal certification as on date and other such businesses are being scrutinised for certification. These places include the National Palace Museum and Taipei 101 and hotels in tone of the most beautiful places such as Alishan and the Sun Moon Lake.

Islamic prayer rooms have been made available at and Taoyuan International Airport, high speed Taichung Station rail station and along some highways.

In an exclusive interview to Arabian Gazette, Eric K. Y. Lin, director of International Affairs Division of the Tourism Bureau of the ROC Ministry of Transportation and Communications had mentioned, “…the idea is to allow more travellers to come and explore Taiwan. We are a very friendly nation and we love our guests. The government is committed to making tourism an enjoyable experience for people. And of course, Muslim travellers, especially from the Middle East are very special to us and we will soon make them feel totally at home, away from home.”

Interestingly, Taiwan has been rated as the 10th best destination for Muslim travelers outside the Organization of Islamic Cooperation member states by Global Muslim Travel Index.

The tourism board seeks to introduce prayer rooms to malls as well. Apart from the Middle East, Taiwan seeks to woo Muslim tourists from the Indian subcontinent as well as the Southeast Asian nations.

According to statistics, in 2015, there were about 200,000 Muslim tourists in Taiwan.


So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets to Taiwan!

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