Tata Elxsi and Brash Brands announce strategic partnership

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Tata Elxsi_Brash Brands partnership
Tata Elxsi_Brash Brands partnership. Photo: supplied

Brash Brands and Tata Elxsi partner to offer brand consultancy and integrated design services

Tata Elxsi, India’s leading design company and Brash Brands, UAE’s leading brand consultancy, announced a major strategic partnership to deliver full service brand consultancy and integrated design services in India and other key international markets including GCC and Asia.

Through this exclusive partnership, Tata Elxsi will build Brash Brands’ business in India and Brash Brands will represent Tata Elxsi’s portfolio of design services throughout its international offices such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Singapore. The relationship’s first combined service will be to set up joint operations in Bangalore to address brand development and consultancy services in India, and target product design, signage and way finding markets in the GCC and Asia.

Commenting on the partnership, John Brash, Founder & CEO of Brash Brands said: “This is a big step for our organization and it vindicates our business strategy.  We don’t want to be the biggest – we just want to offer our enterprise clients excellence to realize the potential of their brands. Tata Elxsi understands the power of this proposition and the need for excellent brand development services in India.  Through this strategic partnership we are both committed to offering a set of high quality, focused services that will change the nature of brand consultancy in India and our international markets.”

Madhukar Dev, Managing Director & CEO of Tata Elxsi said “Brash Brands offers a best in breed service that fully complements our own.  This partnership enables us to provide our customers a unique set of full-service offerings initially targeted at India, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Singapore.”

Q: Have Tata Elxsi made a formal investment in Brash Brands International-FZ?

A: The current arrangement is a business partnership and does not involve any financial investments by either partner.

Q: Why have Tata Elxsi chosen Brash Brands International-FZ as a partner?

A: Their work naturally dovetails with ours.  This allows Brash Brands to maintain its client relationships but deliver across a much broader set of services at a better price with the backup of Tata Elxsi.  Within India, Tata Elxsi can extend its services using the talents of Brash Brands to enable a better consulting and graphic creative product.  We believe it is a win, win situation on both sides.

Q: What will be the main competencies of the relationship?

A: Both Tata Elxsi and Brash Brand’s core skill will remain, however by combining Tata Elxsi competencies in 3D product design, sign systems and manufacturing, with Brash Brand’s consulting and graphic design services we  can offer an end to end service.  This becomes valuable to clients in a number of ways.  Firstly, we will help our joint clients achieve their growth aims by growing their reputation, sales, their employee pride or their asset base: secondly we can create new IP for them which will drive competitive advantage in a crowded market; thirdly we will be able to reduce costs and improve environmental credentials.

Q: Will Brash Brands have a real presence in Bangalore?

A: Yes they will, starting with a small team.

Q: How will Brash Brands sell Tata Elxsi services?

A:. We will start with those most related to Brash Brand’s clients and core competencies.  These will then grow as the relationship develops.  Our target is the signing and way finding market, a market that we consider is underserved and one in which the combined offer can make a substantial difference.  After this we will look into packaging design and industrial design services.

Q: How much management time will this take?  Will it not be a distraction?

A: In the short term there will be some management time that will be needed to drive the alliance forward however this will then be passed to the operating team who will have responsibility for driving all elements of the business forward.  The management’s role will then be oversight based.

Q: What level of exclusivity does the deal have?

A: It is an exclusive relationship for the services agreed and for assistance in India.  The relationship does not preclude Brash Brands or Tata Elxsi from entering other strategic relationships particularly if they open up mutually beneficial markets.

Q: Is there a formal business plan and targets?

A: Yes there is a business plan and formal income targets in place.  This will be monitored in keeping with both company’s standard practices.

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