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Can creativity be taught?

Here’s the deal; I make it a habit to read at least two articles a day about technology advancements. Most of these articles talk about upgrades for existing inventions. For example, TVs are getting bigger, thinner and clearer; Computers are getting lighter and faster; Smart phones… well, let just say that they’ve started to replace laptops…

Catch the drift?

To me, to the end user, to the non-scientist, no NEW inventions are created. It’s just upgrading and updating.

So this got me thinking.

Since I work in the education industry, I see how new techniques of teaching are supposedly enhancing creativity and pushing kids to be independent thinkers and individuals. But are these techniques actually working?

I found a very interesting picture the other day

Seven World Figures Who Drop Out Of The school
Seven World Figures Who Drop Out Of The school. Image - sevenrare.com

Add to that list Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg and you’ll get a list of great inventors who dropped out of school at some point in their lives.

I’m not saying anyone should drop out of high school to succeed, but a trend could be drawn from a lot of facts and statistics.

Most of the brand new inventions that we have, have been invented a while back. Could we have run out of new ideas? Is our education system limiting the minds because of its complexity and struggle to create creativity?

The following infographic may give you some food for thought:

self learning the new master's degree
Infographic - udemy
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