The Famous Lies of Media: Presstitutes

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‘Presstitutes’ – A word that we would think twice before saying, for the fear of mispronouncing, has comfortably found its way to the social media where even introverts speak their mind out. 

Image- Dan Iggers/Flickr

Gerald Celente, the American trend forecaster, coined this interesting word “presstitues”. He was referring to the mainstream media that gave biased and predetermined views. As you might have guessed it by now, it is a portmanteau of press and prostitute.

Let us take a small example, ever thought why period of economic crisis are sabotaged by reports on possible and probable wars? To distract us from the daily economic and domestic issues? Well, our guess is as good as yours.

A closer look at journalists in smaller nations and economies, will reveal how positive news never gets reported and how the big brothers on this earth actually have these journalists on alternate payrolls to report lies that will cause disharmony in the nation.

At times, media makes us believe certain things by repeating the lies over and over again. We were made to believe that Iraq did have weapons of mass destruction, we were made to believe that the women in the Middle East are really suppressed, that 9/11 attackers were from Afghanistan and that everyone is up in arms against the US. Did you just ask if all of that is wrong actually? Well!

Ever wondered why the international media gives little or no coverage to human right abuses following military interventions? Ever read about deformations at birth following wars by the governments of the developed nations? Yes, money does speak honey!

Presstitues exist and that is the harsh reality. They actually make the real journalists look like the less researched ones!

While the west has started living with this word, for most of the other developing nations, the word has not yet found much currency in common language. Interestingly, India’s external affairs minister Gen V K Singh has popularized the world across the globe with his recent remarks.

He has time and again apparently “insulted” the media with the use of the word presstitue. He had tweeted following a press conference in Djibouti, where is was overseeing Yemen rescue operations that his visit to the Pakistan High Commission was more exciting than conducting rescue operations in Yemen.

This was to point out that the media covered his ten minutes meeting at the Pakistan High Commission for over a week, however, the Yemen rescue operations were not given enough footage. Clearly, it is a case of missed sarcasm. Missed by whom? We will allow our readers to think for themselves here.

As recent as April 7, Singh tweeted the following:

He has clearly not enjoying his courtship with the media. For last month too, he had voiced his opinions. 

Singh has never shied away from speaking his mind out. 

And others feel that media is indeed a failure!

Clearly, he has rubbed many sections of the media, the wrong way. India’s Shobhaa De took it upon herself to defend the media fraternity.

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