The Growth of The Hospitality Sector, Courtesy Dubai Expo 2020

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The ongoing excitement for Dubai Expo 2020 has had numerous positive effects on the economy of the UAE, especially on the hospitality industry. With the anticipated arrival of 25 million visitors during the six-month period of the convention, Dubai Government is expecting a spike in the demand for hotel rooms, which is going to boost the sector and create several new job opportunities.

The Growth of The Hospitality Sector, Courtesy Dubai Expo 2020

What It Means to Conduct Expo 2020 for Dubai’s Hospitality Sector

Dubai will require an additional 45,000 hotel rooms to match the rising demand by 2020. It is expected that an investment of nearly $7.1 billion will be made in new hotel projects. To mark the onset of the development, the city is going to conduct The Hotel Show. The Hotel Show is the primary event for contractors, developers and interiors-consultants to find new suppliers and research products like forthcoming properties that will be constructed to meet the needs of the visitors of Expo 2020. As events begin to unfold, Dubai will witness an exciting year of opportunities and development. The Hotel Show Training Academy features a number of training schools, recruiters, academies and hospitality agencies that will allow job seekers to receive proper training and find hospitality jobs in Dubai.

Dubai Becomes a City of New Opportunities

Dubai is the only Middle-Eastern city to have made it to PricewaterhouseCoopers’ recent report Cities of Opportunity. Overall, it ranked 16th among a total of 30 global cities in midst of the world economy and culture. Dubai has also been ranked in the top 10 cities that are urban gateway. According to a survey by Insight Discovery, a strategic research organization, 57 per cent of the Emiratis expect Expo 2020 to have a positive impact on their lives, create new job opportunities and boost businesses, especially in sectors like hospitality.

Dubai’s hospitality sector has been performing extraordinarily, so much so that it has outperformed other markets. In 2013, the city added about 2,780 new hotel rooms in the four-star and five-star categories, according to a report by Ernst & Young.  Among the new launches, Dubai is ready to unveil its first economy brand hotel Dubai Inn. It will also introduce a new hospitality college in 2017 which will help increase local employment opportunities in the industry.

Job Seekers Benefit from the Situation

The hospitality sector of Dubai is opening several doors for job seekers. Last year in 2013, travel and tourism was responsible for supporting nearly 291,500 jobs or almost 5.3 per cent of the overall employment. The number is expected to rise by 5.7 per cent this year.

With Dubai seeking to double its tourist count from 11 million per annum to 20 million per annum in 2020, there is immense pressure on the hotels recruit more trained staff. The occupancy rates of hotels have grown from 70 per cent in 2009 to 80 per cent. There are 611 hotels and apart hotels offering 84,534 rooms.

Earlier, hospitality just meant working at the front office or housekeeping jobs, but today there is growing awareness among the Emiratis. But today they know that hospitality offers a universe of jobs. While hiring newcomers, hotels seek employees who are willing to learn and have the ability to quickly learn new skills and develop their career with the company. For young jobseekers who wish to enter this field, Jumeirah Group offers two courses – one for high-school graduates and the other for university graduates. It offers a National Youth Program through which it trains young turfs between the age of 18 and 21 years. The students receive the first three months of training in the Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management where they learn English and hospitality training. The Jumeirah Group has over 200 vacancies in 21 hotels around the world, but currently all the focus lies on Dubai courtesy to the Expo 2020. Positions in finance, human resources, corporate communications and administrative support are available all across the city.

Dubai Expo 2020 will become the reason for exponential boom of the hospitality industry in the near future. It will be responsible for providing the dynamic city of Dubai with world-class venues for massive conferences that match the likes of Las Vegas for meetings, exhibitions and conferences, creating numerous lucrative job opportunities in this sector.

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