The PKK is a greater threat than ISIL to Turkey and the Middle East

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A PKK militant along the Iraq-Turkey border mountain.

The UN Assembly in New York considered the U.S. strikes against ISIL targets in Syria. Following various meetings, speeches in the General Assembly and various statements by the Turkish delegation, reports to the effect that ‘Turkey has promised to play a greater role in the campaign against ISIL’ immediately began appearing in the American press.

The approach that Turkey adopts towards ISIL, with its fundamentalist notions of Islam, that kills Muslims on the basis of superstition and drives them from their homes, is obvious. Turkey is always on the side of the wronged, be they Shiite, Sunni or Wahhabi. It has – to date – always opened its gates. It has never begrudged them material or other assistance. Turkey’s policy is always in favor of peace, and the innocent. Fighting and bloodshed have not brought results in Afghanistan or Iraq. Turkey will never favor bloodshed.

Those people who suggest that ISIL is also a threat to Turkey and who expect Turkish troops to be in the front line of the coalition need to be told that the real threat to Turkey is the PKK, not ISIL. Turkey must make that clear to the Western world as a priority. Why should Turkey help out with troops and material in a war in which Muslims are being killed? Are not many innocent people being killed in the aerial bombings of Syria and Iraq? Turkey can never assume responsibility for such evil in the name of finishing off ISIL. That would be incompatible with Islamic and Qur’anic moral values. Turkey can never be a partner in a project aimed to set Muslim against Muslim.

Turkey must tell America and Europe to “Sort the PKK out before ISIL” and that “The PKK is the real terror organization.” The PKK is a bloodthirsty organization that has been martyring our troops, old people, women and children, defenseless people, without batting an eye for the last 40 years. While such evil has been going on in Turkey for the last 40 years, the Western world has never once said “Come and let us fight this terror organization together.” Indeed, not only did they for many years refuse to put the PKK on the global list of terror organizations, they also gave it military assistance and housed its militants on their territory. Why do those who regard ISIL as a terror organization not regard the PKK, which has perpetrated some 72,500 acts of terror , as one, too? If the Western world wishes to show that it is sincere in fighting terror, then it must give Turkey all forms of backing in its own fight against the PKK terror organization first.

Requesting heavy weaponry for the PKK against ISIL and demanding that corridors be opened for that purpose, at a time when the PKK martyred three Turkish soldiers just last week, is nothing more than irrational and illogical blindness. There can be no question of Turkey providing arms for the PKK, which has martyred tens of thousands of our troops, or of turning a blind eye to such assistance.

Turkey must draw the attention of both Europe and America to the PKK and raise the issue of in fact eliminating the PKK from the region. The PKK is a materialist, Stalinist, communist and treacherous terror organization. Turkey has been fighting this ferocious and bloody terror organization, that is determined to split the country up, for 40 years. One of Turkey’s aims in doing this, however, is always to ensure peace and order in the region.

Aerial bombings of Syria or Iraq will obviously never bring about a solution; all it can do is turn Muslim countries into piles of ruins. All it can do is result in the slaughter of hundreds of innocent Muslims, helpless women and children. Drowning the Middle East in blood cannot bring about a solution. First and foremost, the fanatical mindset that nourishes ISIL needs to be eradicated through an intellectual campaign. Once their minds have been scoured of superstition and cleansed by the Qur’an, there will be no more problem.

Turkey will never enter into military operations against Muslim countries, but if a secure zone is established it will protect the Muslims there. Turkey will never allow innocent Muslims to be bombed or take part in the fighting with its own military. Those who plan to wreak devastation on the Middle East, to create new borders and to ruin Muslims must be aware of that fact.

(About the Author:  Harun Yahya has authored more than 300 books translated in 73 languages on politics, religion and science. He may be followed at @Harun_Yahya and

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  1. I will never condone the killing of innocents, ever, but this article is BS! ISIS is beheading, raping, genociding, oppressing, & enslaving people NOW (women & children included) Nazi style, where as the PKK has been committed to the peace process for 2 years. The rioting only began because the Turkish gov’t wouldn’t open the corridor to Kobane.

    Also, we all (outside of Turkey) saw the videos of peaceful unarmed Kurdish protesters being shot at (some actually shot) by Turkish military & the photos of mobs armed with knives, swords, clubs and shotguns hunting for Kurds in the night, sometimes with police joining in.

    All of this could have been avoided if Erdogan would only have opened the corridor. It would have also aided the peace process with the Kurds & weakened ISIS (the bigger threat to the ME). Erdogan says the coalition should focus on Assad, but FSA are helping Kurds in Kobane & Kurds will feel obligated to assist them in overthrowing the Butcher of Damascus. Meanwhile, the coalition will continue to degrade ISIS, so eventually ISIS will not be able to defeat Assad in the future anyway. Therefore, the corridor to Kobane would have benefited everyone except ISIS and Assad & prevented pointless violence in Turkey. Meanwhile, world public opinion is with Kobane and every day without a corridor makes Turkey look like the guy holding someone down while a bully (ISIS) is kicking them.

    In short, A CORRIDOR TO KOBANE IS TURKEY’S BEST OPTION: It mollifies the PKK, degrades ISIS/Assad in the long run, & improves Turkey’s international reputation. The caveat is that the longer it takes for the corridor to materialize, the less effect will be gained from these benefits, and if Kobane falls then the opposite of these benefits will instead appear.

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