The Taiwanese Connection: The Touristic Delving

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Taiwan as a hub of tourism is one that remains in relative obscurity. Boasting of myriad cultural legacies, Taiwan however is a must-see tourism locale.

Taipei Skyline from Elephant Mountain

Man is a social animal. This popular phrase says it all for the inherent nomad who lives within each one of us and whose quests, seeking the next adventure in this vast world, continue to run untrammeled, without any restrictions.

Some regions popular by word-of-mouth become a priority, while other regions – thanks to our lack of knowledge about them – take a back-seat in the checklist of our travelling itinerary. Taiwan is one of these regions which though is a tourist’s manna, is nonetheless quite obscured which in turn, makes its touristic appeal an interesting contradiction.

Popularly also referred to as Chinese Taipei, Taiwan is an island in the South China Sea, located about 100 miles from Mainland China. The cultural influences of the region are thus quite unique bringing about an incomparable commingling of Chinese and Taiwanese traditions, values and ideas.

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For potential tourists, it is also this aspect of distinguishing that promises to enhance and enrich their trip to Taiwan making it an indelible memory for the entirety of their tourism repertoire. From the lantern festival to the distinct way in which the region welcomes the New Year, from the array of mouth-watering Taiwanese and Cantonese delicacies that hold a foodie to eternal thrall to the numerous flavours of tea and from the scenic destinations that reflect the contemporary nature of the place to those locations where the cultural legacies of the region abound. Everywhere one looks, one can find something for each sense to grasp and marvel at.

Taiwan 2

Tourism statistics for the region in 2013 are most compelling. The statistics, released by the national Taiwan tourism authority, pinpoint that 8,016,280 tourists visited the region last year. Continuing on this trend of positivity, the statistical count of tourists for the months of January and February this year are also staggering with substantial increases.

Tourists from the Gulf, most particularly the UAE, have additional reason to cheer about considering that the leading aviation operator of the region, Emirates Airlines, has opened a new travel route connecting Taiwan and Dubai, directly which first began from the 10th February, this year. This new route, connecting the two regions directly for the very first time, reduces the otherwise 12-hour journey to about eight-and-a-half to nine hours by cutting down the previously necessarily taken detour via Hong Kong.

According to Taiwan Tourism Board, a little over 13,000 tourists traveled to Taiwan from the UAE in 2013 and the numbers are expected to grow in the coming years. Ease of travel through its modern, integrated, advance transport infrastructure makes it easy to travel for both business and recreation traveler.

Taiwan is fast emerging as one of Asia’s preferred locations for hosting Meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions (MICE). Taiwan Tourism has a MICE Incentive plan for various countries to lure the MICE traffic to Taiwan. In fact, Taiwan has been ranked by ICCA – International Congress and Convention Association on the 27th position for handling MICE movements from across the globe which is ahead than Malaysia and Singapore.

Expectations always tend to soar when thinks about travelling. When it comes to Taiwan, as high as the level of anticipation and expectation soar, the region’s offerings more than satisfy them. All that one needs is ample time at one’s disposal so as to be able to traverse across the length and breadth of the region without any hurries and distractions to mar the bejeweled experience of touring a much-exotic land in the Far East.

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Taipei, Taiwan
Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Taipei, Taiwan

Photo credits: S.G. Green, Dave Wilson, Luke Ma

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