The World’s Most Expensive Food [INFOGRAPHIC]

the golden phoenix
Bloomsbury unveils the most expensive 'edible cup cake' named The Golden Phoenix. Photo provided.
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Ever wondered if you decided to eat only the most expensive dishes all day long? If you thought it will run into millions, you’re wrong. The guys at did a fun experiment and compared the prices for various most expensive dishes in the world. And guess what, the bill was not that much… “just” $95,265!

the golden phoenix
Dubai based Bloomsbury unveiled the most expensive ‘edible cup cake’ in 2o12 named The Golden Phoenix. Photo provided.

From an ice cream whose price leaves you deathly cold, to a putrid cake slice that the ultra rich had craved to buy, these foods are unabashedly opulent. But before you get upset, many of these items were created for fundraising programs (like an auction). Okay, some are truly lavish beyond reason. To put their prices in perspective, our total bill by dinner’s end easily matches the annual income of an average American household, whose weekly meal budget is estimated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to be somewhere from $130 to $250 for a family of four.

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There’s another reason why a dish can be very expensive: the chef sprinkled some diamonds, luxury pearls, or gold as a side attraction, such as the spoon, plate, goblet, or a decor. I thought it’s cheating. You can always make anything the most expensive by throwing in some diamonds, the most expensive toilet for instance.

Still, some dishes are easy to imagine why they’re expensive: the ingredients are either rare or take a lot of time and effort to source. What makes Wagyu beef literally a cut above the rest? The cow where the beef comes from is massaged and fed on beer every single day of its short bovine life. Saffron, a most prized spice, requires 75,000 filaments to make a pound!

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Caviar in 24-Karat tins, sushi wrapped in 24-Karat gold leaves, truffle salad — these are just some of the outrageously expensive meals you can encounter in the culinary world. All of these lavish foods are gathered in an appetizing infographic:

The World’s Most Expensive Food [INFOGRAPHIC]
The World’s Most Expensive Food [INFOGRAPHIC]. Image credit:
So which food in the infographic would you like to taste? Which is the most expensive food that you ever had in your life? Let us know in the comments!

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