Titanic II may set sail for Dubai in 2016

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Titanic replica
Latest media reports show that UAE firms are trying to strike a partnership with Australian businessman Clive Palmer on his Titanic II project.

Construction work on the replica of Titanic, an iconic ocean liner which sank on its maiden voyage 15 April 1912, is expected to start by the end of the year.

Blue Star Line, which has undertaken the project, reveals talks are underway to bring the ship to Dubai when construction completes in 2016. Australian business magnate Clive Palmer had revealed plans to build a replica of the grand ship back in April of 2012.

Construction of the project has been awarded to Chinese shipyard CSC Jinling and McDonald.

The company is still forming the project development team, which will work on construction of the ship. It also remains confident of completing the project within the scheduled timelines and that Titanic II will be ready for sail by the end of 2016. Blue Star Line also plans to replicate the cross-Atlantic voyage of the ill-fated cruise ship from Southampton, to Cherbourg, to Ireland, and across to New York.

At a news conference earlier this year, Clive Palmer said the project was a tribute to craftsmen who built the original ship.

In an exclusive interview to Arabian Business, James McDonald, global marketing director of Blue Star Line, said;

“We have had a number of companies – large companies actually from the Emirates – we are in active discussions, looking at opportunities to utilize the Titanic II name and encourage the ship to come to the UAE to show it off to people there.”

Besides partnering with the project, the UAE firms are also interested in grabbing some lucrative licensing opportunities. The project is expected to stir media frenzy and be widely publicized in the press.

However, the company is not seeking any investment and is funding the entire project itself.

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