Bali tops as the best wellness destination in Asia

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Male and Phnom Penh also feature as the must visit places for wellness holidays. 

Bali tops as the best wellness destination in Asia

As a tourist, we look for beach holidays, holidays in the hills, jungle safaris or luxury holidays. But many of us are increasingly looking for wellness holidays.

What are wellness holidays? Basically, you travel to seek improved health either though physical activities of spiritual means. With the world increasingly becoming a more stressful place, the demand for these holidays is on a constant rise.

Interestingly, Joachim Holte, Chief Marketing Officer of Wego, a leading travel search site feels that wellness travel can have serious impact on global tourism.

“The Global Spa & Wellness Economy Monitor values wellness tourism at US$3.4 trillion, a number that’s expected to continue to grow exponentially each year,” said Holte.

Wego and its big data and travel review partners TrustYou reveal the top 15 destinations with the best hotel reviews for wellness throughout Asia for the first quarter of 2015.

Where should you go?

Just like the name Africa reminds you of jungles, elephants, lions; just the way Dubai reminds you about shopping; some destinations bring to you relaxation.

Based on hotel guest review ranking, Bali, the Indonesian island, tops the list scoring 88% of positive hotel reviews for wellness.

“Bali has a reputation for perfecting the wellness retreat combining specialised luxury spas, using unique traditional and natural therapies. Its growing popularity is reflected in the number of airlines now offering direct flight connections from as far away as Dubai, as well as an expanding portfolio of spa resorts. The Island of the Gods registers twice in the top 15 with Ubud, in Bali’s hinterland, scoring 85.7 percent; the location a hub for seekers of rejuvenation and a renewed life balance,” said Holte.

Following Bali, Phnom Penh and Siem Reap capture the exotic flavours of traditional Asian healing and relaxation at number two and three spots at 88.19 and 87.82 per cent respectively.

Separated only by very small percentage points at 87 percent, the luminous water and luxury resorts in the Maldives came in fourth.

Interestingly, India with a rich culture of wellness traditions in the form of Ayurveda therapies and yoga, features three times in the top 15 with Jaipur and New Delhi (placed 12th, 86.11 percent) and Mumbai (15th, 84.73 percent).

“With the increased popularity in yoga around the world, India’s ministry of tourism are currently drafting a policy to promote the exercise in a bid to attract more foreign visitors to experience it in the country from which it originated,” added Holte.

South Korea appears at 14th position, represented by Seoul scoring 85.35 percent in positive hotel reviews by guests.

“More travellers are turning to health and wellness retreats as a chance to find more balance in their busy lives,” Holte added. “Traveller tastes are changing and becoming more diverse. Entire new markets are arising from within the spa and wellness category, including medical and cosmetic tourism. Travellers seek a focused experience derived from alternative or historic cultural approaches that can result in a complete lifestyle change, for better health and balance in everyday life.”

Holte also added that the travel industry and all the peripheral businesses are benefiting from this lucrative segment which is growing almost 50 percent faster than overall global tourism rates.

DestinationHotel guest review ranking
Phnom Penh88.19
Siem Reap87.82
Hong Kong87.43
Hoi An86.43
New Delhi85.80

Photo credit-Mike Bala/Flickr

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