Top 5 iPhone Alternatives

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1. Sony Xperia S

Sony is one of the several mobile phone makers trying to revive their fortunes. The company recently ended its joint venture with Ericsson; the Sony Xperia S is its first phone since.

sony xperia s white
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Don’t let Xperia’s ‘bulky’ appearance deceive you. This Android based phone weighs just 144gms and can be your perfect entertainment hub with its decent processing power (1.5GHz) and 32 GB memory. The 4.3″ screen display provides stunning high quality movies and pictures. The 12 megapixel camera can be launched quickly by using the shutter button on the side of the phone.

A cool feature of Xperia is the NFC radio tags, where the phone changes its ‘behaviour’ depending on where it is. For example, while in a car, Xperia phone will automatically launch the bluetooth connection for hands-free talking and get the car navigation ready.

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