Top Five Most Popular European Travel Destinations for UAE Residents

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France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Spain topped popular travel destinations for residents of UAE

France, Italy and Germany issued the most Schengen visa to UAE according to statistics

With 32,305 Schengen visa approvals, the embassy of France topped the list of Schengen embassies which issued most uniform visas to applicants from the United Arab Emirates, according to

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Latest statistics provided by the European Commission, the authority in charge of maintaining evidence over Schengen visa applications recorded worldwide, showed that during 2018, a number as high as 217,431 residents of UAE applied for a Schengen visa. Thus, it meant that visa applications increased by 5 percentage points between 2017 and 2018, reads the annual statistical report.

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France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Spain made the list of top five most popular travel destinations for residents of UAE regarding official data. During the past year, French embassies collected a total of 38,455 uniform visa applications.

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The Italian embassies came second in this list with a total of 35,948 visa applications having collected. Germany made the top three with 29,968 visa applications followed by Switzerland (23,355) and Spain (19,999).

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Similarly, these embassies made also the top five Schengen countries whose embassies issued most visas to UAE applicants. Once again French embassies topped the list with 32,305 visa grants followed by Italy (28,106), Germany (23,658), Switzerland (20,667) and Spain (15,932).

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On the other hand, Schengen visa denials accounted for 17.9% of the total uniform visa applications recorded in the UAE during 2018. In percentage terms, it meant that 39,918 visa applicants were denied by Schengen embassies.

As shown in the statistics, a number of 7,839 visa applicants at Italian embassies were denied a Schengen uniform visa last year, more than in other Schengen embassies. Moreover, the Italian embassy situated in Dubai rejected more any other Schengen embassy following in this list all alone. Exactly 6,709 or 22.4% of visa applicants recorded in this embassy were denied a uniform visa.

Other Schengen countries whose embassies declined a relatively high number of visa applications were France (5,589), Germany (5,369), the Netherlands(3,885) and Spain (2,751).

The table below shows five Schengen embassies in the UAE, which received most visa applications and other relevant data

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